10 virtues of a hunter

by Krzysztof Turowski

Do you like bigos (eng. stew)? Stupid question, who doesn’t like. Apparently a good bigos is one in which there is not only cabbage but also many different kinds of meat, additives such as plums, mushrooms, wine or even something a little stronger.

I wrote about good, exquisite bigos on the blog showing a good recipe. This time, however, I would like to refer to a little bit of another bigos – Bigos Myśliwski (Hunter’s Stew)book by Bronisław Sałuda, and as it is in a good bigos there is a little bit of everything. I would like to borrow something that get my attention…
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And how is it with us – hunters? What determines us and our behaviour? Of course, we have a set of ethical principles that we should follow. But what virtues should an ethical, good and right hunter have?

Well, as some say, there are 10 hunting virtues every hunter should have and I borrowed them from the aforementioned bigos.

What are the virtues?

  1. Piety.
    Piety is the foundation, although in this case piety means ethical behaviour towards colleagues and animals. And ethical behaviour is such that we can look each other and our colleagues in the eyes and not be ashamed of their actions.
  1. Good eyesight.
    Yes, good eyesight is important, because how to see a game if you do not have good eyesight. Although, see it is a one thing. We still have a second, more important thing, because the game we must not only see, but also hunt, which is not possible without the use of good eyes.
  1. Reflex and healthy legs
    At the same time we are not talking about the huge amount of kilometers that we cover during the approach. Reflexes and healthy legs are useful for us to be able to salvage an run away if necessary.
  1. A light sleep.
    The morning is the master, as my friend Julka says, often inserting beautiful pictures from the hunting morning. Whoever wants to watch sunrise during hunt must get up well ahead of it and have a light sleep at night. A light sleep is also useful not to fall asleep while post.
  1. Sobriety
    And here we agree with the author – this virtue does not require any justification or commentary.

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  1. Healthy teeth
    Surprised? Yes, healthy teeth are the virtue of a hunter and it is not a beautiful and white smile at all, but something completely different. How do you imagine eating all delicious venison dishes without having healthy teeth? After all, To eat venison without teeth is no pleasure.
  1. Courage
    This virtue will be useful not so much in the fishery as in a completely different place. Courage is needed first of all for our wife, because otherwise we will never have the money to buy a new rifle or better optics. By the way, do you know the hunter’s prayer? A few simple, but eloquent words – “God, when I die, do not let my wife sell my weapons, optics and knives for what I told her they cost.” Oh yes – courage is virtue.
  1. Bond to a dog.
    Remember that when the cold water, the hunter himself should bring the ducks and boldly go into the bush to the wounded boar, instead of exposing him to the cold or danger of his four-legged hunting companion. Let’s remember our dogs and let’s take care of him.
  1. Respect for weapons
    I once heard such a phrase – show me your weapon and I will tell you what type of man you are.

    The hunter’s weapon is his business card, it should be well cared for and the hunter should respect it. Why? Because only then weapon will not make the hunter angry joke and will not, for example, shoot itself without using the trigger, and as we know it is serious when we are using weapon.
  1. Truthfulness, avoiding the blasphemy.
    And according to what most thinks is, it seems the most difficult condition to be met by a real hunter.

Happy Hunting!

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