Different hunt.

by Krzysztof Turowski

Everyone knows what hunting is. We hunt individually and during the driven hunt, for large and small game. Recently, we aslo heard htat you can hunt for something different and in a different way!

What are we talking about? About trash hunting. Yes, trash! Why the topic of garbage is so important knows everyone who went even for a few minutes to the forest. Garbage is everywhere and floods us from every place. This is astonishing to me, because after all, the collection of rubbish is extremely simple today, and there is no problem even with the largest dimensions.
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Everything is taken from our households. Starting from the cut grass, which will then be transformed into compost, to fake fur which for some is called ‘ecological’. Their path with ecology has so much in common as nothing. Based on the sources of fashion portal – artificial fur are stored for about 6 years, but natural furs for 30. By quoting the portal https://www.harpersbazaar.pl/ “With this assumption, it turns out that the eco-fiber creates a four times higher risk of damage to the ecosystem or 2-3 times higher risk related to climate change. “

There is still the issue of the distribution of such a product, because polyester is an artificial creation and its distribution can take from 500 to more than 1000 years. With natural fur, such problems do not occur, which, first of all, will be spread in a shorter time and will not contaminate the soil.

Despite this, the public still hears that artificial is ecological. By the way, I wrote about it some time ago, and you can find my previous entry here.

Today we can all give our rubbish without any problems and thanks to segregation to recover some of the recyclable materials, these are still found in the wild landfills in the forests. And the forest is a second home for hunters and foresters. We spend a lot of time in it and often we can’t accept that it turns into a wild dump. What are we doing then? We put on gloves, take the garbage bags and go to the battle!

Such action was carried out even in 2016 by the Szarak Hunting Club in Tczew, which only this one day collected over 20 cubic meters rubbish. Those actions are happening very often sometimes even without any public informations. However, few days ago, we heard about a similar action organized by colleagues from the Orzeł Hunting Club in Piotrków Trybunalski. This beautiful initiative took place a few days before Hubertus hunt – a beautiful initiative!

Besides, I myself added my small brick to a beautiful action called “Take 5 from the Forest (Zabierz 5 z lasu)” organized by the State Forests. The action was announced in the summer and consists in taking 5 rubbish with you to go for a walk, mushroom, picnic or dog. There is even an official hashtag #Zabierz5Zlasu.
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As a hunting bloggers, we used it to nominate for this action our friends. I got a nomination from the girls from the group Brać Łowiecka Babska, I nominated my friends from Time2Hunt team, although their nominations made me laugh the most. In their nomination There are famous people known from TV called themself a real friends of the nature with. I wonder if the nominees will bend over the problem of garbage, I know that a lady from the nominated list for nature protection recently showed her back. Before commencing the task, I recommend take some jacket – you can catch a cold.

Take 5 From the Forest was beautifully organized by Jagermeisterin who not only done it by herself, but she also mobilized both the hunting club Ryś in Żegocin and one of the schools. After collecting the garbage everyone met by the fire and eat roasted sausage.

Beautiful action, great commitment and education of the young generation. Bravo! It’s good that there are people who can meet in their free time and organize hunting for trash.

It is a pity that those who shout loudest about nature protection and evil hunters did not get involved in this collection. They collect something else – the money from naive people.

Happy Hunting!

P.S. do you know that facebook Time2Hunt post about action take 5 from the forest collected dozens of angry people on facebook? I think someone does not like clean woods here. I glanced at their profiles – friends of animals and nature …
Pictures from: Brać Łowiecka Babska, Time2Hunt , Jagermeisterin

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