Where did the idea for Front Guards come from?

by Krzysztof Turowski

A new hunting concept, or maybe a new good way to solve the ASF problem among wild boars in Poland? What is the new idea called Front Guards and why it appeared?

We have many ideas for who, how and why should guide hunters and what hunters should do. From vegans who often wanted to torture us, through a society manipulated by them which eats schnitzel and in the same time says that hunter is a bad man murdering a poor roe deer. To the conflicted politicians – some of whom would like us to actually shoot anything that is called boar, and the other part wants to send us up to 500 meters from buildings and then shout that the virus is spreading.
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On the one hand, I understand the Minister of the Environment, who would like to end ASF’s crisis as soon as possible, giving us tools such as cold room storage or special sanitary hunting with additional holidays for hunters. On the other hand, despite the hard work we put into it, we still hear that we almost did nothing, we haven’t gain nothing.

Somewhere else, there is the idea of engaging hunters from the army and police to create a new entity under the name “Front Guard”. As I understand it, such a guard would be something like a super hunter unit, whose task would be to quickly respond to reports of emerging boars. Like anti-terrorists, who jump from the roof window and after a while leave the defeated enemy.

I wonder and even scare me to what it can lead to. At the moment, in many hunter’s club we have not one, but two books of hunting records (one normal and the other for sanitation). This is quite a mess, and to top it all we have to add a special unit, which is to be able to quickly and effectively appear in the hunting units? What if somebody is already hunting there? It can be very crowded and downright dangerous.

What about wild boars in cities – in the suburbs and in the centers. Will they also shoot there? What with the participation of children in hunting, will these units will be taken out of this law? Because let’s assume that there is a 17-year-old who sees how someone is hunting. Or maybe such shooting will not be called hunting and will not have legal restrictions.
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FREJA (Ladies / Kobiety)

HELA (Ladies / Kobiety)

FRIGGA UNN GREEN (Ladies / Kobiety)

In a moment, the driven hunting season begun on which pseudoecologists are preparing to block hunters. They got the green light from the same politicians who want to shoot wild boars as soon as possible. Counterpoint is that the penalty for blocking hunting was not for a long time and appeared for a moment, but when the panalties disappeared, vegans screams with joy. What if such a front guard meets with an ecoterror. Can they do the task of fighting the virus, and the court will be able to stop the terrorists?

In addition, there is information that the idea of a front guard is due to the lack of possibility to make pressure on the Polish Hunting Association.

I think that instead of constantly pressing, it is worth looking a bit differently at us hunters. Fact – on the one hand government gives us some tools to fight the virus, which is a big support especially for hunter’s clubs that could not afford refrigeration, but the other side is looking at how society throws us with mud and nothing is done to show that the hunter is a normal man who respectfully treats what he does and the hunted game. After all, the fight against ASF is nature protection and care for the economy. There is no ill will here.

We’re attacked from each side, realizing a complicated task to fight the virus, and after a while we hear that we are a band of old drinking loud who shoot everything that moves without any without compliance with the law. I see and feel that no one, except hunters, reacts to such behavior, and the requirements are still getting bigger and bigger.

We have to shoot, because if not, there will be people who are forced to do so, for example by order.
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Fox wallet / Portfel List

How wallet / Portfel dzik

Deer wallet / Portfel Jeleń

I wonder what it would look like if we had other support than the necessary tools (such as a cold store) to be able to carry out the plan.
Speaking of other support, I am talking about working for the image of hunters, informing the society how the hunting really looks like and why we hunt. I am talking about help in transferring hunting from generation to generation, support in dog training, work trials and competitions, support in hunting by ensuring its safe performance. Help in the fight against eco-terror.

Some can force us to reduce the wild boar, some can also change the law so that at the same time we can make it difficult. At the very end you may be surprised that the hunters do not go out to shoot wild boars.

If hunters do not come out, some can actually force them and create a Front Guard. Maybe they will shoot everything and then all of us will be called murderers shooting at everything that moves.

I do not understand why you some don’t look at everything from our perspective and understand what we really need to more effectively carry out the task entrusted to us, which we want to do and actually implement.

Happy hunting.

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