The wolf was shot, this is what will happen next.

by Krzysztof Turowski

Tuesday’s evening, Poland, Bieszczady. Two children aged eight and ten in the Strzebowiska and Przysłup village are bitten by a wolf.
Children go to the hospital and the wolf is shot by the hunter. What do you think, what will happen next? I know.
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I wrote about wolves on my blog some time ago. I discussed the issue of behavior during meeting with a wolf and other species. Link << here >>.

Dozens of years ago, the wolf’s population was very small, and he was in fact the edge of extinction. Today it is not so. The Wolf was reborn very quickly flooding our country. A good feeder, which base not only forest animals but also wandering dogs helped to develop the wolf’s population.

You do not have to spent too much time to find information’s about the wolf’s bad activity online. It is impossible to mention everything, I will give you a few facts.

Year 2008, Łubna village “This is already the second winter, when the wolves descend to the village and murder our dogs. Do it really have to come to a tragedy involving our children, that the minister would open his eyes and give permission to stop this plague ????????? ”
2010 – Odessa Ukraine, a wolf attacks a 6-year-old girl at the zoo. Then everyone says ait was based on stress.

The year 2015 in Bochów 4 dogs torn apart by wolves in a few weeks.
The year 2016 inhabitants of Kuleszany who regularly haunt herd wolves wonder what will happen when there is no ‘dog’s meat’ anymore.
Year 2017 Wolves attack under Gniewkow (Inowrocław) and western Pomerania. In the municipality of Bircza (Podkarpackie), the wolf attacks in broad daylight.
In March 2018, the portal “Wolf’s pack decimate forest animals near Szczecinek. Attacks on cow’s began. Some think that it is only a matter of time when they attack on a human being. “

June 2018 became the worst – wolf attacked the children.

Despite many signals flowing from all over the country for many years, the wolf is still approached like a plush mascot. Looking at a specific promotion, it will not change quickly.
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The wolf which attacked the children was shot and his body gone for testing and patology. Before we know the results in the media, there will be a clamor. So ccalled green organizations will want to do a quick collection and tell us, that it is worth adopting a wolf, because without your money, the entire population will die soon. Human tragedy does not matter when money is involved.

The same ecologists will be wise on television and try to convince people that this tragedy is not the fault of the wolf, but the people.

There will also be speculations that it was definitely not a wolf, maybe a dog, or even a crossbreed who was certainly sick or starved for days and simply struggled for survival. I will only add that homeless dogs have been already eaten by wolves, and the wolves are reluctant to interbreed with dogs.

People living in the areas haunted by wolves will live in even more fear. They will start to look out of the window with more apprehension, some will probably take cares of wolfs in their own way, and will want to defend themselves against the wolves as fishermen protect their nets from seals (I wrote about it <<here >>).

In Bieszczady, a group of shouters from large cities will break a camp and let’s call it ‘educate’ the locals telling them that they are making a mistake by settling in the territory of the wolves. Everything in front of TV cameras. They will advise to buy a sheepdog, because this is supposedly a best solution of protection against wolves – this is an authentic statement in comments to one of the articles about wolf’s attack. They will find one or two local people sympathetic to their actions and organize a support march for the wolf.

As usual hunters will be the nasty ones, because it’s all our fault. We’ll get hit from each side and the only thing we can do is spread our hands. Speaking on the witch, we will hear that we want to kill the wolves to zero, which is obviously not true. We want to take care of the population and not destroy it, and this applies not only to the wolf, wild boar and many others.

In a few months, when the test results come, it turns out that the wolf was healthy. Unfortunately, seeing what is happening, I am sure that the situation will happen again, and the wolves will attack again.

We did not have time to help these children in time, but we can help others. It is necessary to deal with the subject of the wolf as soon as possible and seriously think not whether but when to start reducing the population of this predator in our country. It should happen on government level.

For how big tragedy it still has to come to open people’s eyes and understand that there is a real life outside the Internet, where wolves are not mascots but very dangerous predators. Remember – a wolf needs meat, not money. People need money. Fear the wolf!

Darz Bór!

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