What to do when you met a wild …squirrel !?

by Krzysztof Turowski

Most of us know, that after meeting the car with the roe deer, the car is ready for renovation. Collision with red deer may end in a hospital and junkyard.

When driving, both day and night, we must be focused. Sometimes, there are even warning signs in many places on the road. That’s very dangerous places. Slow down can protect us, our passengers, the vehicle and, of course, the animal.­­

Wild animals can be dangerous also off the road. In the forest, park and even in the city.

List of dangerous animals is worth starting with the one you can’t see at first glance. I mean a tick, a small arachnid that can be seen imperceptibly on our clothes, dog or cat. Ticks kill, and their weapons are diseases that they transmit. For animals, they cause babesiosis, which will kill the largest dog in a few days. I have fought for the health of my bear (Newfoundland). If your dog is depressed, do not hesitate, go to the vet as soon as possible. A quick reaction will save his life.

Ticks can kill all small animals such as wild rabbits by spreading tularemia. Ticks are dangerous not only to animals, but also to humans, they spread borreliosis, tick-borne encephalitis, and Relapsing fever.

If you have a tick in your body, do not squeeze it. Use special tools to pick up and remove it from the body. You will find them, for example, in a pharmacy. Watch the place after the tick. Any skin change should be consulted with your doctor as soon as possible. To minimize the risk of bites on walks in the park or forest, wear long pants, use tick repellents and secure your pets with special collars or medicines. The vet will advise you. You can get vaccinated yourself against tick-borne encephalitis.

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The second friend is bigger than a tick, in the polish hunting language he bears many names – a sneaker, a slyboots, a liar which mean fox. The foxes have been permanent residents of large European cities for some time. The Londoners have a huge problem with them. In 2006, the population was around 10,000. Today, the amount of fox is impossible to count. They settled in so much that they stopped being afraid of people. Their goal are garbage cans.

Foxes in Poland were connected with an extremely dangerous disease, for which there is no effective medicine – rabies. Sources have reported that on a global scale only a few patients have been cured from the rabies.

It is true that for some time in Poland special rabies vaccines have been used for foxes. They are scattered from planes in the form of meat cubes which fox can eats. For some time now, there are no rabies foxes, but their number has increased several times. It reflects on the condition of small game – hare, wild rabbit, pheasant or partridge. The fox can take care of fawn as well. They also feed on carrion.

We should avoid foxes especially when we see that they are not afraid of us and they are drooling. This behavior is not normal and can be a sign of rabies. Even if they do not have rabies, they can be carriers of other dangerous diseases or parasites. They spread a dangerous parasite that causes echinococcosis.

Let us not approach them, do not feed them, do not stroking them. We pass them with a wide arch. More and more foxes are hit by cars, drivers sometimes stop and try to take such a fox on their hands, checking if they are alive and if they can help him. It often ends with a bite and this may result in a long treatment. Call a hunter or a vet to wild animal which had been hit by a car.

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Another animal which is quite popular in media is a wolf. It is a very dangerous predator, which is getting boldly approaching rural homesteads. I think that we underestimate the wolf too much and start treating it like a plushie that needs our help, financial support and maybe even hugs.

No – the wolf needs meat not your money. People need money. If you think about the wolf like a plush wild dog, then I recommend going back to the fairy tale with called Little Red Cap. Until recently, lots of wild dogs or cats wandered around in many places. Now they are not there, wolf stomachs have beed filled by dog’s meat.

Dogs are a permanent element of the wolf menu. In the areas with wolves, dogs can disappear even from domestic farms. For now, wolves do not attack people, unfortunately people stop being afraid of a wolf. Fear the wolf, avoid him, do not get in his way, and if you meet him, retreat. Be calm, avoid sudden movements, do not show your own teeth, do not smile with your full mouth and do not squat like you want to say hello like to your dog. Slowly move back if you will see fangs.

Do not look at the wolf in his eye and remember that the wolf can also have rabies.

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The cherry on the cake is our well known wild boar Whenever you hear: “beware of the hog”, You better just run off, and find some big tree. Wild boars are more dangerous than everyone thinks. At the same time, I dare say that again society is not aware of it. The boars in cities are approached as a tourist attraction, people takes pictures, record movies. I wrote about it in my previous texts << here >> or << here >>.

Boar possesses a very dangerous weapon called boar tusks. Some grow from the upper jaw, the other from the lower jaw. They grow in that way, that one sharpens the other, giving blades that cut through the skin and muscles. These blades grow in the third year of the boar’s life. Such a boar is called grice. In this time – 3 or 4 years hogs starts having their tusks.

There are so many stories from encounters with a wild boar that I think everyone can say some. Some of them even reach the top news, such as the one when a guy went out for collecting mushrooms and met a wild boar. He quickly scampered on a tree and, having a cell phone, called the police. The police, arrived on the place, and took the VIP place on the trees next to the first guy. Only after some time, when additional cops arrived those police were able to scare off the wild boars and bring down the mushroom pickers and other policemen. Remember that according to the new hunting law, there is a punishment for scaring game.

Do not underestimate the boar, do not approach him. Avoid wild sow with the squeakers, because this is very very dangerous. Do not feed boars, do not touch them even if that are not afraid of you.

If there is already a dangerous meeting, seriously –  go on the tree and wait. If you are in the city, find something that will replace the tree. A fence, or even your parked car. Your life is worth more than the hood. Worse, if it’s not your car, but then be sure to find the owner and report it to the police yourself.

Even if you can’t get away anywhere or jump away during the attack, join your legs. You’ll protect your femoral arteries which are very critical for your life.

Wild animals were, are and will be dangerous. Let us not underestimate them, let us not treat them as cuddles, let us not give them human characteristics, because they do not have such feelings. They have instincts, and they can kill. Even a squirrel or a grouse can want to attack us. You don’t believe? See videos below:

Happy Hunting!

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