Hi Hog, how are you?

by Krzysztof Turowski

Before I became a hunter, I heard statements that good times for hunting had passed forever. I did not think that I would repeat these words so soon.

On March 6, 2018, new amendments were approved  to the Polish hunting law by our government.  Someone who is not interested in hunting and will read those changes may discovered, that not much has been changed. Most of the changes look like that it was introduced for the good of our nature. Unfortunately, these people do not know yet, how drastically their lives can change when this law will be introduced.

Amendment number 5:
“Ban – except hunting and trapping – scaring away, capturing, keeping, hurting and killing wild animals”.

This Amendment seems to be a care for the game. However it is the end of crop protecting, the end of Polish cynology and falconry (inscribed on the UNESCO list). Soon no one will be able to scare a wild boar out of his field. Neither hunter nor you – the owner.

All hawkers guarding the safety of flights will disappear from the Polish airports. It will have a significant impact on the safety of us, our families and friends. Falconers will also literally fly out of fruit orchards, they will be replaced by starlings.

We will not be able to have hunting dog’s field trails,   or dog’s hunt tests. Those competitions, even if they takes place in the field and is practically identical to hunting, are not hunting in polish law meaning. It is an event at which hunters checking the natural ability and training of gun dogs. We check potential to search for, and point of game birds, instead of chasing a crow or just running to a nearest forest. A non-trained dog will be exposed to injuries during hunting, and we will not be able to provide them safety during hunting, or even risk their life.

Our 3 Polish working dogs  breeds will be forgotten. You will only read about “Hounds went into the forest” in Stefan Żeromski books.

If you live in a city and boar want to feed in your trash, you must wait until he will finish. The use of any deterrents from playgrounds or parks will be punishable.

Did you find any hit animal on road? Do not dare to take it to any rehabilitation center,  because it will be tantamount to illegal capture. A fox in a hen house? A wolf on the property? Do not try to chase him. You’d better ask if it tasted good. Need more examples?

Also, plan additional food expenses. Potatoes, grains, sugar beets – their prices will go up. If the raw material becomes more expensive, same happening with other products based on them – flour, sugar, and everything  with those ingredients. Fruit too. Wild boars will do a big mess in your wallet

Regulations on penalties for interfering with collective hunts disappear.The permitted distance of hunting near buildings is increasing. I can imagine how angry farmers are now.

I’ve already said about hunting with children here

The self-government of the Polish Hunting Association is also abolished.

Some advise to put the weapon in the safe, and to show in a real example what our country will look like without hunters. All it takes is a year, a maximum of two years, and everyone will understand how wild boars will affect economy, and for people to understood how important Polish hunting is. I will take popcorn, coke,  and watch news about hogs in weird places.  We saw them shopping in the supermarket, during mass, on the beach,  at night on the playground, and I will not forget to mention the trashcans.

Meanwhile, on the same evening, TVP1 (polish TVP channel) announces the construction of a fence on our eastern border for PLN 200,000,000 to hinder the movement of wild boars with ASFV. After all, we know that there is no better protection for agricultural produce, health or against viruses than a good, strong metal or plastic net.

Happy hunting!

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