by Krzysztof Turowski

I look at the current situation both in Poland and in the world. When I write this text, the media talks about 128 343 cases on a global scale and 58 cases on a Polish scale. WHO has declared a pandemic. This means that we are dealing with an epidemic of infectious diseases in different environments, in a large area – different continents at the same time. But how does this topic relate to agriculture and hunting?

Don’t get me wrong, but for now, COVID-19 is quite kind to us. Whoever read Stephen King’s magnum opus, called The Stand, will know what I mean. Coronavirus is dangerous, and I think that all precautions are recommended. However, what is happening in stores and supermarkets looks as if there was to be an extermination tomorrow. Literally everything disappears from the stores: toilet paper, water, flour, cereal, rice noodles, milk, canned goods, and meat. However, such empty spaces on the shelves do not favor a particular group of people – vegans, and a certain extreme radical group of vegans called fruitarians.

Fruitarian believes that you shouldn’t eat fruit that would kill the plant, which excludes digging, uprooting, cutting and other agricultural activities. The most radical fruitarians eat only those that fall to the ground themselves. However, life can be seen in another script. In so far as in a global world of supply chains you can imagine a diet based on whatever we dream of – from avocados, tamarillo, kiwano, passiflora, pitaya or anything else that comes to our minds. The matter of choosing the right store and we have what we want. In so far as the deliveries start not reaching, and it turns out that we don’t have everything under our breath, because everything bought from literal stores, it turns out that the use of such diets begins to interfere with concern for our own lives and health. Anyway, even the most extreme vegans promoting themselves in the media are caught eating meat, which I wrote about some time ago.

City forks, on the other hand, will turn to the villages and farmers, who for years, despite frequent disrespect of the city in the sweat of their foreheads, cultivate the role and breed pigs, cattle or poultry. Perhaps, finally, people who move to the countryside and who are disturbed by combines so much that they will understand that without harvests, crops or manure they will have nothing to put in the pot. What will your life look like if you had to take care of everything yourself? I have already shared these thoughts here.

The village needs the respect of the city, if someone does not understand it, then such a pandemic will explain it to him very quickly. It doesn’t have to be a coronavirus. In times of such a great global village, we are very lucky that such a thing is happening now. Some time ago in the USA, I drove past a giant cow farm. Its smell was felt long before the farm itself could be seen. A sea of ​​cows that stretch for miles. In such an environment, that new mutations of bacteria or viruses may arise that may be more destructive than COVID-19, which is also said to be of animal origin may happened sooner than later.

Fortunately, this is not the case here yet, and the village, despite many changes, is still a village, not a mass and industrial production of meat. Although, due to the people’s demand, it is getting harder to find healthy and natural meat, because there is to be a lot and of course cheap. In contrast, the village and forest are a series of connected vessels whose key element is hunting. March, April is the time of crops protecting by huntersso that animals do not destroy crops for flour and pasta that have just disappeared from the shelves of supermarkets. It is guarding meadows and pastures so that the cows have food, and then give milk, which also disappeared from the shelves. This is guarding sugar beet crops (for sugar, which also does not exist in supermarkets), buckwheat and barley crops (porridge, which you have made supplies) and of course vegetables and fruit, which also disappear immediately. I will only add that we are still talking about the possible closing of borders and imports. Goods will stop magically appearing on the shelves, especially the exotic ones.

However, I leave the best for the end. The torment on hunters is constantly telling the public that hunters hunt for fun. Maybe you will finally understand this – hunting is an eternal care for animals and the environment, thanks to which nature pays us a healthy and natural ecological meat! And just like people in supermarkets sometimes choose pork, beef or poultry, we also have access to wild meat thanks to hunting regulations. Sometimes it’s a pheasant, other times it’s a duck, wild boar, roe deer or deer. Everything depends on the season of the year. Thanks to this I feel safe because nature pays back for my concern and can feed me with its cycle. No panic, no stupidity, in my rhythm, I care about her, she care about me.

If you are an opponent of hunting, go to the market and finally open your eyes. See and understand how many things you owe to the work of farmers and hunters. My colleagues are already joking that we hunters are ready for war because we freezers full of meat. That is why maybe a global pandemic, closed borders, suspended import not only of exotic vegetables or fruits, but in fact everything will show that what is best waiting right next to it, This game that we hunters can hunt, process and prepare themselves.

Therefore, standing at empty shelves with flour, cereal, pasta or meat, think about whether it is time to start a hunting internship and become a hunter. Don’t know how to start? In my book “Internship with an idea – a guide for future and current hunters (In Polish)” you will learn everything you need to know! Because hunters are real naturalists and environmentalists who love animals, take care of them not running a hunting economy and from time to time hunt wild boar, roe deer, duck or pheasant to eat it later. Hunting is really open to everyone!

However, if you still think that despite a global pandemic, your tofu, kale or avocado will be waiting for you in the store and absolutely nothing happens then I would like to dedicate to you the song of the band Łydka Grubasa whose chorus is of special importance nowadays.

Let’s sing it together (translated from Polish):

“Hallelujah, glory glory
I don’t eat fauna, I don’t eat flora
And from east to west I will be eco
I will die of hunger! “

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