Hunter? Who needs hunters?

by Krzysztof Turowski

There are those who say that hunting is no longer needed. They say, that hunters are overrated and that no one likes us anymore. Are they right?

For a while, Anti hunters have been doing everything to make our lives miserable. They want our world to look exactly like they invented it. Everything takes place with the approval of some media, which create unreliable materials about how bad the hunter is.

I even read about the great and biggest mobilization of pseudo ecologists and the combination of their forces. The writes about the largest blockade of hunting in Lower Silesia in Poland. Wrocław joins forces with Poznań and Warsaw. Total mobilization, great success, a huge blockade organized by …. 40 people. That’s what the combined forces of the three big cities looked like.
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Apparently, protesters said that they show to people how the hunting really look like and who we really are. To be fair you just need to get out of the house and approach the first farmer in a village with crops on field, grows poultry or has pigs, to talk to him and see how it really is.

Few days ago, I’ve had a very interesting situation. It turned out that for some time the mayor of the village in which I live tried to contact me. He did not know who the local hunter is, because I did not hunt in my village area.  I belong to another hunting club, which is renting a hunting unit next to our village. I’ve just moved in recently.

However, the mayor heard that he has a hunter in the village. Locating my person did not take him too much time, In the meantime, I got the hunting permission to hunt near the village, and I have reduced a little the fox population. I admit that I was going to the meeting without any idea of what to expect. However, I only had to say that I am a local hunter to see a big smile on the mayor face. He immediately called his son, saying with pride, “take a look, we have a hunter in the countryside”.

The meeting was very nice and lasted much longer than I expected. It also turned out that most likely the fox I had hunt also looked into his yard.We talked about crops, henhouse, foxes, wild boars, wolves and moose. The moose turned out to be probably the hottest topic as long as moose moved in into the neighborhood.

One of the gentlemen made it clear, that he does not understand how some people are so short-sighted and can’t see that hunters have to hunt also for moose (moose in Poland is protected by law). He stated that we should give some fields to the ecologists for cultivation and then they would have understood the game problem.
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Dear pseudo ecologists, I clearly understood why you dislike us. I already know that this is due to your laziness and too much comfort. You sit comfortably in a city where someone will bring shopping to the door. I wonder how you would survive if someone told you to move into the countryside away from supermarkets and soy products.

What if your life depended on your crops and the state of your farm. If someone told you to work physically at harvest time, it would very quickly turn out how your wonderful vegan diet gives you energy to work. This laziness is a problem, not us hunters.

You can think that nobody likes us. You may think that you are saving the world from hunters. I invite you to the countryside, where you will meet hard-working people and see how life looks like when you have to take care of everything which will appear on your tables. You will see then that a hunter and a farmer are people who share a common goal and look at the world in a very similar way. We share hard work and care for our environment.

And you? Keep drinking your soy, eat tofu, avocado, brown sugar, rice flour or coconut oil. I will eat honey, potatoes, local eggs, and drink raw milk. Everything from the farmer from the same village to whom I will help when a fox will come to his hen house and a wild boar will appear on his field.

So, do you will still think that people do not like us – hunters?
Happy Hunting!

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