Shooting in the 21st century

by Krzysztof Turowski

Everyone knows that hunting is changing. Every now and then there are technological innovations that initially cause a storm among hunters, and after some time those technology news are permanently in use. That was the case with an electronic book of hunting, a nightvision, or thermal vision. It’s not future, it’s happening now and here. When I wrote about the electronic hunting book some time ago, I heard that soon we will hunt for animals in virtual world. It just so happens that I participated in such hunts and I would say more – I liked them very much. Scroll down to the next part.

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By saying virtual hunting, I mean the Laser Shot system, a laser shooting simulator, which I had the opportunity to see and touch at a show organized by LS Targetum, the official representative of Laser Shot INC in the District Board of the Polish Hunting Association in Warsaw. Something that at first glance seems to be an ordinary toy in the form of a replica of a weapon paired with a laser display is in fact an advanced tool for learning to shoot. Ok, I can hear each of you saying that there is a real weapon and shooting range to full fill those needs, but you should look at the laser shot from a slightly different perspective. It is true that even replicas of weapons that can be equipped with a recoil mechanism can not replace real training, but this is not the purpose of the system to replace the actual training. The task of such a trainer is to supplement the practical training at the shooting range. Each of you has heard and knows how important it is to train the same shooting position even at home. Here such training takes into a new and completely different dimension, because beyond the position we can also train concentration and accuracy. We can practice both a shot to a fixed target and a targets in motion. Running goat, trap, skeet, and for dessert a duck hunting during which, as in reality, we do not shoot the first duck. After all, we can go on safari or hunt bears in the American mountains. The simulator itself is also a response to the shortages in traditional training for static targets, because hunting programs are only a small part of what this system has to offer. It is used by police, soldiers and special forces by conducting many hours of advanced training with various scenarios. We even had the pleasure of passing an exemplary scenario for anti-terrorists who were taking hostages by the criminals occupied the building. Dark night, tight and dark rooms, attackers appearing out of nowhere, often right behind the hostage models and seconds to make a decision about the shot I can not imagine how hard the real anti-terrorists have to do and how many hours they must spend in training to be ready for action. The whole can even work with firearms and a special screen, giving us even more sense of realism. Scroll down to the next part.

I admit that I did not know what to expect from this type of system, but after the presentation I begin to understand how important role it can play in developing shooting skills for trainees, hunters, sport shooters or military, and at the same time we can also have fun. Happy hunting


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