Is it an act of grace or a mass deer murder?

by Krzysztof Turowski

Hunters in the Netherlands does not have an easy life. Despite the fact that they have large areas and picturesque hunting grounds, animals and wildlife have to fight every now and then.

According to Jagers Vereniging, 2.5 million hectares of the Netherlands are hunting grounds for 27,000 hunters operating in 300 hunting clubs called Wildbeheereenheden – in short WBE. Each WBE, apart from the hunters’ association, actively deals with taking care of nature and improving the living conditions of the game. Every year, each of them leads at least afforestation, spending an average of 500 hours on work in the hunting unit.

Despite the fact that more than half of the Dutch (53%) believe that natural resources should be used in a sustainable way, in the Netherlands it is possible to hunt only small animals with huge limitations. Regulations are very restrictive, from time to time there are also more and more interesting ideologies about hunting. Scroll down to the next part


One of the best-known issues is a very well-known experiment from 1999 concerning the total ban on hunting greylag goose. At the very beginning of experiment duration, ecologists announced a great success until suddenly the goose population soared up so that very drastic actions had to be taken. And so, in the interests of airport safety and air traffic, geese were gassed. It was enough to wait until the geese were deprived of the possibility of flying. Then they were driven into the gas chambers, and one of the employees turned on the gas cock. Like most of you, I also have a huge moral problem with it, and in my opinion this behavior is terrible and unacceptable.

Now, the Netherlands is struggling with another difficult to solve problem which are deer in the nature reserve Oostvaardersplassen. Some time ago, the portal, citing the aarticle from, reported that 1830 deer living on the area of ​​the aforementioned reserve are considered to be shot. The shooting permit were given by the Dutch office of Staatsbosbeheer, managing Dutch forests and nature reserves. Today, according to Sunday, we know that the final decision was made and the judges from the Lelystad province rejected the arguments of the opponents of the shooting. The court considered the case at the request of three organizations that claimed alternative solutions existed. However, there has not been any alternative solutions for a long time, when the mentioned crisis was growing. For anyone who understands how nature works, it should be understood that if on some terrain we deal with a few individuals of the opposite sex, these individuals will start to reproduce. Year after year, for the following years without natural enemies, without hunters that could regulate their number, deers in the reserve reproduced to reach a state of population in which all species living there are endangered.Already 60% of the population was shot last winter, because the deer suffered from hunger. I am even more than sure that then there were no volunteers to feed them. Apparently, the argument against is concern for the game, which I quote “does not require artificial intervention”. They explain that nature is brutal, and when weather conditions are difficult, it is obvious that the weakest animals are dying. Scroll down to the next part.
How bad someone have to be, to in full consciousness, in the last moments of an animal’s life, knowing that there is no access to food to condemn these animals to starvation. Is there going to be a modern ecology? Is this how the  Friends of the Friars Minor are supposed to look like? Such people not only do not take care of animals throughout their lives, but even when they die in agony from cold, hunger and cold they will say “we saved the animals from the hunter”. It’s sick and evil! I feel sorry for fellow hunters living in the Netherlands who have to look at how they treat geese first, and then the whole is repeated once more with deer, bringing this beautiful animal practically to starvation. Of course, everything is under the watchful eye of pseudo environmentalists guarding morality and ethics who only and exclusively do not have blood of animals on their hands, because they wear thick antigas suits. And imagine, that all we need is a sustainable hunting. Happy Hunting!  

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