What to do when uninvited guests come in?

by Krzysztof Turowski

For most, the new year begins in January. However, I know many people who say straightforwardly that for them the new year begins with the first Hubertus hunt.

Hubertus is more than just driven hunt. According to wikipedia, its roots date back to 1444, when it was simply big hunts. In the Second Republic of Poland, the first celebrations of Hubertus were organized by Ignacy Mościcki – it was on November 3, 1930.
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To this day, it is a special day for which all hunters are waiting. This hunt is preceded by a mass that often takes place outside the church, for example at forest chapels. Hunters care about the appropriate celebration. There are also many young hunters waiting for this day, because Hubertus is one of the better, if not the best, opportunities for a young hunter to have an oath.

After the hunt, a feast with a bonfire is organized. We are also inviting not hunting guests. In general. everyone is trying to make this day special, all to protect our patron throughout the season.

Unfortunately, for some time a group of people can’t respect it and despite not being invited, does everything to spoil this important holiday. They are ruthless, ramshackle and do not accept compromises. More and more information appears on the web about what to do when we meet them on our driven hunt. I decided to collect all advices in one place and share it with all of you.

First and foremost, if anyone appears on the hunt, take the phone, camera or any recorder and record what is happening. All of us have a mobile phone, do not be afraid to take it out and turn on the recording. Sports cameras attached to the jacket, vests or worn on the head will make your hands free. Let some people take care of recording. Take care of additional batteries or powebank which you can charge your phone during whole day. Experts even advise even to designate a person who will be able to record the whole incident. I think it’s worth to get more designated people – not only among hunters, but also among the beaters.

However bad it would be it is necessary to keep calm, refrain from inappropriate comments or vulgarisms. They are just waiting for it. You should be calm and composed.

Ideally, if there is someone in the club who will be able to discuss with them. It is important that it is someone with high personal culture, calm, resistant to stress and having knowledge of law – not only huntings law. Call the police if needed, do not let yourself be provoked. They will use every word of yours and they will turn it against us.
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Remember that if blocking apply to sanitary hunting, such behavior is a crime in fight against infectious disease, and all fisticuffs or insults are a violation of personal rights.

There were situations where such uninvited “guests” recorded themselves, for example, during artificial struggle and showing the recording of the shoes said that the hunter was struggling them. Their weapons are self-confidence, our weapons are camera and law. Report such behavior to the competent law enforcement authorities. We cannot leave their actions without proper response from our side. We cannot allow impunity!

At the end of the hunt, you should think about inviting our uninvited guests to a delicious wild boar stew. Nothing hurts more than the fact that they did not manage to spoil this beautiful day, and despite everything, we invite them to our table. Imagine these headlines – they came to block the hunt, then sat together eating a boar goulash.

Even if they do not take advantage of our invitation (and thy for sure will do not take advantage), we will be sure that, unlike them, we have behaved with dignity and showed our good will.

Happy Hunting!

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