How to become the king of hunt?

by Krzysztof Turowski

After the signal ending the litter, everyone went in the direction from which the shot came. Dogs in this litter were baying beautiful, and everyone could hear the sound of broken reeds. It was certain that in this litter they were wild hogs, the only question was whether the shot fired from the left flank was accurate.
– Congratulations! A beautiful boar!
– Thank you, I hope not last this day.
– Even if the last one we already have a king of hunting, we can celebrate!

However, in the next litters there were no wild boars. There were several roe deers, many pheasants and ducks, but there was only one wild boar out there. Display of the bag was not big at all, but no one had any problems with predicting who was the king of hunting that day. A beautiful medal on the neck, evergreen twig placed at hunter’s hat and a smile on his face.

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Probably everyone knows this and everybody reading these words has a picture in his head. Some see themselves, others see their colleagues. There are those who will replace wild boar with a beautiful deer or fox. After all, each of us, when closes his eyes, will probably see him – see the King of the hunt. Sometimes it will be a memory, and sometimes just the opposite, our imagination will give us a vision of what the next hunt might look like.

Are we able to do something to become the king of hunting during the next driven hunt? If so, what is it?

Even the best litter will not give the results if we are not sure of your weapon. The basis is calibration of scope. However, this is only a part because what is an efficient weapon without a working hand and eye. We visit the shooting range, we train, train and train again. All this to be sure that when the day of the first driven hunt we will be ready and maybe this time it will be our honor to be the king of hunting.

Before going out for hunting, we make sure that no bad powers prevent us from succeeding. We close the gun in the cover so that women or women’s clothes do not touch it (by the way, interesting how our hunting ladies deal with it?). Then, according to tradition, we catch the female knee.

When the check-in time draws the cards, we must give our happiness to the hand of fate. However, there are some hunter’s clubs, where we often hunt without cards for choosing the hunting place. Then what? Well then we try to take some places ourselves where we think that there will be awaited game and sometimes we urge the master of the hunt saying “I will stand here” hoping that he will agree.

We stand on the line, we confirm our readiness by moving our hands, the litter begins and the dogs begin to announce game. It turns out, however, that despite our intricate preparations, we did not even have the opportunity to see the game in a litter. Next litters pass and we still sits in a silence.

Is there one effective way to become the king of hunting? Or maybe despite our best efforts and preparations before the hunting season, we can not influence the hunt?
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By the way, is it so important to become the king of hunting? Does it really matter? Maybe there is something much more important?

Well, for sure there is!

The most important thing is that we meet together that day. Together we go hunting, we congratulate ourselves on our successes and sometimes we joke from our missed shot, remembering those from previous years. The important thing is that together we sit down to a meal, and then celebrate next to the bonfires.

In a few days, Hubertus Hunt will be more or less celebrated in practically every hunters club. Tradition, beautiful hunting atmosphere, but also the time of remembrance of those who have gone to the land of eternal hunts.

I would like to wish all my hunting colleagues to always remember what is the most important in hunting. It’s not display of the bag, it’s not who shot the bigger tusker. The most important is that on that day we could meet together and spend this great day together

And answering the question – how to become the king of hunting? Well, I think you must have some luck!

Happy hunting!

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