Apprenticeship with an idea

by Krzysztof Turowski

If you ask the person you meet, when the new year begins you will hear the answer that it is January 1st.

However, if you ask a hunter, it is possible that you will learn that the new year is celebrated several times – the first time in January, and the second time in November – on the St. Hubert Hunt.
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Yes, November is the beginning of the new year for many hunters. It begins with the solemn celebration of St. Hubert often connected to the first group hunt in a hunting club. This is not an ordinary hunt, but a real celebration and a feast, which often ends with a joint feast by the bonfire. Many older hunters appear on such hunts, who often tell great stories about hunting.

That day our young hunting adepts also, for whom this is often the first meeting with other hunters, and hunting society.

Even if they were on the apprenticeship, eg from summer, they spent a significant amount of time with their internship tutor. Now the situation is changing – together with the first driven hunt, they have the chance to meet other hunters and see at a glance how customs and traditions look like which individual hunting can’t be experienced.

This is the perfect time to give these people knowledge and the spirit of hunting. Because from this knowledge, which will be given to them, it will depend on what hunters they will be in the future. It is easy to take someone for an apprenticeship and provide him with a job in the form of being a constant beater of the game, or the usual use of the trainee as hands to do the hard and dirty job. On the other hand, it is harder to ensure that the future trainee will have an appropriate plan to deepen knowledge and acquire a hunting practice, because that’s what all of this is all about – isn’t it?

I talked to many hunting trainees from all over the country who were talking straight – the hunting stand is standing equals that the internship is completed, and the rest does not matter. This approach makes that when a young hunter, for example, is on the line of hunters during a driven hunt, he will not know how to behave properly. Of course, he will know the theory, but he will miss practice. In a few years, when, he will be doing the internship, he will lead the trainee in exactly the same way, because he was taught so.

You can do it differently!

You can make the apprenticeship an adventure full of challenges and new knowledge, where the future hunter will learn what hunting really is. He will understand how hunting really looks, he will learn methods and ways of hunting, he will actively participate in the work and life of the hunting club. And the most important thing – you can get to know your future colleagues.

Creating this blog, I had the idea that this would be a place that would serve both entertainment and education. As the last time education was a little less then it’s time to catch up.

I am starting the program “Internship with an idea” which is an introduction to a book of the same title which I planned for the next year’s premiere. Because it is all about Polish apprenticeship both – book and program will be in Polish.
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The apprenticeship with the idea will be a special cycle dedicated to both trainees and hunters who share the hunting knowledge – current and future, and for any other hunter or hunting enthusiast.

This will be a series of materials that will lead both the trainee and his tutor throughout the whole year of the apprenticeship. If you are wondering why this is not material only for interns, I would like to point out that even the best prepared plan and idea will not work if it is not run by the intern’s tutor. Therefore, in the materials there will be both theoretical things that will allow to explore the secrets of the apprenticeship, as well as their practical use with the apprenticeship supervisor while going into the hunting unit.

I know that the law is changing and from what we have already noticed, the apprenticeship itself can be shortened. Its formula may change, but it is still the same subject matter and the same idea of ​​familiarizing the future hunter remains unchanged. Science, knowledge and practice count.

You will learn about the form soon so that we are all ready for the upcoming driven hunting season.

Excited? I am very much! Hear you soon!

Happy Hunting!

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