Wolves , ducks and lead – truth from the screen.

by Krzysztof Turowski

Do you also have the impression that the wolf’s topic is gone? Some time ago wolf was everywhere, and many eco-terrorists convinced us that wolfs are very nice and harmless animal. Of course, it was not wolf’s fault that he attacked some kids. Today wolf is gone from TV and press but it is not due to the fact that wolf is not active. There were just other catchy topics.

The media and pseudo ecologists use topics which are trendy. After the hot period of the wolf, it is time for duck hunting. Well, they can’t omit millions of tons of harmful lead, which we hunters and our families eat all the time, and tons of uneaten which stays in our nature.
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I got to the study of the Pomeranian University in Szczecin about lead and its impact on the environment and human health. You probably guessed how many times the authors cite the influence of hunting or fishing on lead poisoning of our environment.

Yes, you are right – not even once.

However, there is a lot of space for the heavy industry. According to the study, lead water pollution (lead in surface water and drinking water) occurs most often near manufacturing plants which release raw sewage. In agriculture, lead occurs where nitrogen fertilizers with its content are used. Pollution of lead occurs in the vicinity of Legnica, Konstancin or Mysłowice – highly industrialized areas.

However, the highest concentration of lead in the environment occurs not in water but in soil. Also, in it the highest concentration of lead occurs in the vicinity of industrial plants or in the vicinity of expressways ang highways.

In plants and food, we usually find it in potatoes, cereals and fruits from industrialized regions such as Silesia or the agricultural lands of the Łódź or Wielkopolska provinces. The distance of a cultivated field from an express road or highway is also very important. According to the study, there are Silesian regions where the content of lead in the feed is so large that it can’t be used as animal feed.

What is happening with products from such crops I have no idea. I know, that I will eat a wild boar or a duck that which I hunt myself, rather than an apple from a tree in a parking lot next to a highway or steelworks. By the way, I recommend you check the history of the displaced Rapocin village near Głogów due to the contamination of the area. Then takew a moment of reflection and answer to one simple question. Do you know the history of displacement of anything due to lead being fired by hunters? I’m not talking about the whole village, but maybe you’ve heard about a river, lake, park pond or other puddle?

Some people creates fake problems, and forget about the actual, real problem like wolf.

Wolves appears near the Bukowsko commune in Podkarpacie on August 11th. They approached the Winiarz farm and pasture which was located 1.5 km from their house. Family decided that if wolves appeared in the area, someone should watch over the farm. A few days later, on August 15, wolfes attacked animals that were staying in a fence from a net  with an electric shepherd. The owner’s son wanted to oust the wolves, but the wolf chased him away. The man had to hide in the car and watch how the wolves, without fear of man, killing animals. Apparently, the firecrackers were effective, though the wolves were reluctant to leave the canteen anyway.

The local hunter admits that the wolves are insolent and lose their fear of man. Attacks on cattle, dogs and people. You can read about it of the e-sanok portal.

The same portal writes about another wolf attack in the Zagórz commune in Łukow on the night between August 19th and 20th. The wolf rushes into the yard and attacks the dog. Wolves have been heard there for several days. August 25 and another attack. E-sanok writes about the village of Wujskie, where a heifer was attacked at a distance of 500 meters from the buildings.

People are afraid for their health and life.
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What is happening in large portals, newspapers and TV? Lead, ducks, evil hunters and driven hunting are a hot topic at any moment. Wirtualna Polska even create an article with the title “Wolves. Should we be afraid of wolves? We disprove the most common myths? ” The article was made due to allegedly false information about wolves and the call for shooting. Of course, there is nothing to fear in their opinion.

Besides, not only them wrote about the wolves being completely harmless. Information about this appeared on the web, in the printed press and on television. It is a pity that wolves can’t read. Perhaps if they read it, they would be more willing for adoption and instead of a red cap for dinner they would choose raspberries.

Happy Hunting!

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