Is the time of digital game coming?

by Krzysztof Turowski

A few days ago, I wrote a text about what would happen if each hunting club had an electronic book of hunting records. As part of the text << text here>>, I gave 10 things that would change and at the end I asked for an opinion on the electronic book of hunting. However, I did not expect – that the electronic hunting book will follow the scoff era of digital game.
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My post triggered a lot of discussion on the facebook. Many hunters who already have electronic hunting books in their hunting units confirm what I wrote about it.

A few people asked about its legality, which explains paragraph 42b of the Hunting Law. There is a change that introduces to the use of an electronic book of records of hunters’ stay on the hunt, as an alternative to a paper book.

A lot of people have expressed their concern that such a book will have a negative impact on the hunters’ relationship in the club. They say that the paper book often created an opportunity to meet, which will not happen with electronic book. I agree that using the electronic book some people will only see each other during work or driven hunts. But, they are often people who do not want to see each other very often. I think that the rest of my colleagues will calmly find a way to meet also outside the paper book place.

Many colleagues are worried that due to their age and little experience with computers, they will not know how to use such a book. Such hunters should always be able to count on the help of younger colleagues, moreover, we should always look after our older colleagues – not only on the occasion of entries in the book. Such a hunter is often the history of a hunting club and a mass of wonderful memories. Personally, I really enjoy listening to hunting stories from times when I was not in the world yet.

What surprised me the most, was mocking comments about electronic or virtual animals. I think that a few people will be surprised, because virtual game is nothing new. It has been around for some time and is becoming more and more popular.

I’m not talking about computer games, but about laser hunting simulators. Such simulators are a projector connected to a computer and a weapon equipped with a laser. Man has the opportunity to do shooting training or virtual hunting. Such a system is also a way for children to start learning, and athletes or hunters could improve their shooting skills.

Such systems often appear at all kinds of fairs or hunting events and attract a whole range of volunteers who want to see what virtual hunting is. This is not an old computer game, where we measured a plastic gun to the TV and shot at the ducks. It is a system where the hunter has in his hands a replica of a real weapon with an optical sight in the form of eg. a collimator. The only difference is the lack of real ammo and recoil when you press the trigger. Nevertheless, I am more than sure that if someone would try it, he would find a manufacturer that gives the opportunity to mount a recoil system for the weapon. Then such a virtual hunt would be even more similar to the real one.
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The use of such a system allows the hunter to accurately determine what his skills look like. You can shoot not only to the boar, who will always behave the same in the shooting range. We can train shots for various types of game and see exactly where and how the laser shot was fired. We can train before going, for example, to foreign fishery and train shots, to the game which is not in our fishery knowing if we have located the ball properly.

Of course, it should be remembered that such a virtual training will not replace us training at the shooting range or actual hunting, however, if we combine the use of a simulator and visits to the shooting range, it may turn out that we will only give accurate shots from now on. If thanks to such systems there will be a lot less shots, I think that it is worth to lean over them and get interested.

I think it’s worth seeing what new products the hunting market can offer us. It is thanks to such a novelty that we hunt today with lunettes or binoculars and instead of a spear we carry a rifle on the back.

Happy hunting!

Is the time of digital game coming?

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