What is Chicken Franken and why you should know about him.

by Krzysztof Turowski

Do you know Franken’s chicken? No, then get to know them and do not be afraid to talk about it loudly, and I will explain why.

Warsaw, 7 am, metro center station. I am waiting for the train standing in a crowd of people which is becoming bigger every second. I look at the display – the train will arrive in 2 minutes. I look at the advertising board and look at the farm chicken with the slogan “Crush? Chickens spend so ALL LIFE. ” Under the inscription “Franken chicken”. I take out the phone, take a picture and get on the subway. They were right, it’s tight.
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I would not be myself if I did not enter this page from the poster and did not see what it is. I haven’t known the Franken name, after all seeing this poster I knew what more or less I can expect there.

We have known for a long time that chicken has not been synonymous with a healthy meal for a long time. A few months ago, recent studies have appeared that show how many of them are overfed with antibiotics and other adjuvants to grow as quickly as possible without losses in the population. I wrote about it on my blog (link here).

The Franken is the chicken, the Frankenstein chicken created in the laboratory by scientists to meet the growing demand of the society for meet. This race has its origins in the 1950s. Their task is simple – they have 6 weeks to put on weight and be packed in a plastic box with the producer’s logo. Franken’s chicken page informs that if children were to grow as fast as chickens, they would weigh 150kg at age 5. I do not know how much of this truth, but if I remember my childhood in the countryside, our domestic chicken had to have some more time to grow up and become a healthy broth. The bones from such a homemade chicken were completely different from those known from chicken on the store shelf.
At Franken’s bones they can break themselves, under the weight of his own mass, and when I saw a chicken on the film, he fell over on his back and is unable to lift himself from it and often he is killed by trapping.

The author of the film shows how chickens are treated, if they are too weak and do not grow too quickly, they end up banging their head against the railing, bucket or wall and then land on the heap of other similar chickens.

I saw the Rotten documentary series (Netflix) and I knew what to expect here. However, this reportage shows a lot more and all the time you can hear the head of a chicken bouncing off something hard. I think that his assumption probably was – it is to shock the viewer. It is to make people who go to the market realize that the meat is on the shelf. It is supposed to show the suffering of these animals and shock, to arouse the compassion of the viewer and the sound of the chicken being hammered on the rail will stay in the head for a long time.
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I checked the group of people who stand behind the Frankenstein chicken project in the Warsaw subway. We hunters will not cooperate with them. Their group promotes a vegan approach to the kitchen by limiting consumption of meat and switching to veganism.

I stay with meat and I do not intend to give it up.

However, I intend to talk about the consciousness of today’s consumer. The fact that the meat does not come from the store shelf. That the hunter shoots so that the animal does not suffer. About the fact that we let the animals died without seeing human, so that in the last moments it cannot see a man, a hat from the head to pay tribute to the hunted game, about the spruce branch, which is the respect shown to the animals. About a display of trophies of the hunt that shows the respect of hunters to the forest and animals.

Many times, we talk with people who eat meat and say that it is us – hunters, who kill animals for fun, shooting everything that moves. This is due to their ignorance about hunting and breeding. It is worth talking loudly about the Frankenstein chicken and the respect that we hunters give to each hunted game. I wonder what after watching this reportage will be for them killing of everything and for fun? A view of a chicken crushed by its own weight, or a hunter taking off his hat and leaning over a hunted animal, honoring him with a spruce branch.

Happy Hunting!

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