Yes, it was actually a wolf. Why, however, was not he afraid of people?

by Krzysztof Turowski

It is certain, confirms that the animal that attacked children a few days ago is a wolf from the population of the Eastern Carpathians. The question that remains unexplained is – why the wolf was not afraid of man. Specialists have some suspicions. Here’s what they write.

People are saying that wolves avoid people, that a wolf will not attack a man, that a wolf has no interest in staying close to a human being.

In spite of everything, we see the wolf in Poland more and more often, closer and closer to the homesteads, and his behavior begins to surprise not only hunters but also specialists. Regarding the wolf which was shot, there is a suspicion that he may have been in contact with a human being. He could even be kept in captivity, ex. in a pen with hard ground, which may indicate a strong claw clash.

These are not my speculations – this is the actual statement of the Genetic Group of the Conservative Institute of Genetics and Biotechnology of the Faculty of Biology of the University of Warsaw (where they take such long names!). The same group adds that the wolf could also be fed on bait station, which they think could explain the search for waste next to the homesteads.

After this information, hunters will be attacked again. There will be a mass of so called green experts who will start talking about how they gave up hunting and started a bloodless hunt.

Hold on –  did I wrote a bloodless hunt.
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If you once had a camera in your hands and wanted to make a sharp and good photo of the animal, it probably required many attempts and the end result was different than expected. An animal is not a human being, it will not react like a model on a session, it will not stand for a few seconds so that you can have time to set the camera, it will not repeat the same pose. It’s hard to make a good and interesting photo for people (I know because I’m dealing with wedding photography), and with animals it is even more difficult. Of course, there are experts in these areas who drive around the country and take great pictures of our deer. They are not accidental frames and hours spent in hiding, camouflage often really difficult conditions. All the more I appreciate what they do, because I tried it myself and I will tell you that I’m staying at weddings and reportage level.

However, if you combine several puzzles together, you can come to quite interesting conclusions.

We have a wolf who was not afraid of people, he was interested in our waste and probably knew human food. We have green bloodless hunters who often publish beautiful pictures of the wolves on the net.

Some time ago, the portal unveiled the scenes of how beautiful wolf’s pictures are created, which, for example, lickens after a finished meal or a close shot of an owl, which lands in just one particular chosen place.

These are a special bait station. Places where predators are attracted to be able to capture them on bloodless hunts. These are not beautiful words for nature protection but interfere with it in a very dangerous way for other animals, as well as for us – people. The even quotes the statements of people who say “I made bait station before, I do it now, and I will do it all the time”

It is not the hunter who drags and concentrates animals such as wolves in one place just by using baits, it is not the hunter who eliminates the barrier between animals and people, it is not the hunter who accustoms the young wolfs that there is an easier way to get food than hunting.

In addition, an anti-world battle is taking place right next to us, because why we want to do anything to the nature. They say leave nature, because it can be better without you (hunters). I even read a comment, in which someone wrote that he believes that now this wolf is certainly happy on the other side of the wolf’s rainbow and it should shoot us – hunters.
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This level of hypocrisy hurts me, I do not understand where is the ethics behaviour, because this should apply to photographers as well. Do not get me wrong, not everyone is like that, and even among those who are opponents of hunting are good and ethical people.

Nevertheless, when I hear and read that it’s all ours – hunters – guilt, I wonder where all people have eyes and if they really do not see that we – hunters – after all are the most harmed. The hunter has to go and take a shot when someone else blames. It is a pity that there is no mention of the causes, and only screams about the effects.

Happy Hunting

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