How to spend a weekend in the city in the company of animals and a roast wild boar?

by Krzysztof Turowski

Is it possible to combine a weekend in the city with communing with animals and roasted wild boar? Yes of course! Below you will learn how to do it while in Poznań, where you can replace Poznań with any other major city. I cordially invite you!

Being a father is not only duties, but also pleasures. You can count even the father’s day to the greatest pleasures. My father’s day was a surprise planned by my wife. However, I think that you can easily plan a weekend without an special occasion.

The Poznański Hotel Włoski welcomed us with open arms, delicious coffee, wine and kitchen. It has a very good location, because it is the city center, right next to the old brewery. Our goal, however, was not the urban jungle, but a completely different place that makes practically the same fun for adults and kids. Of course I’m talking about the ZOO!
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Do not make a surprised face. ZOO is a really fantastic place to spend time with your family, in the company of animals, nature and also stand as an expert. Well, maybe we will not be able to comment on each animal, but in the zoo we will often find farms with wolves, foxes, deer or even wild boar. We hunters can talk about animals’ behavior for hours, what they eat, what they like and what they do not, telling cool and interesting anecdotes.

However, the biggest attraction, are animals known from fairy tales or books. I also walked with a smile on my lips looking for King Julian of Madagascar. At the same time such a walk is a very good moment, to make children aware that the fairy tale and the real world is something completely different. By the way, the Poznań ZOO offers even a didactic tour called “Traces of King Julian”.

In addition, as I noticed, the older childrens were able to point and name the species we passed. It made me more aware that there is no better form of learning than this one through play, which can be seen in the zoo at every step.
My son, for the time being, was not interested in anything other than a bottle of milk, but he will soon be stuck to the elephant barnacles as well as me. My wife liked the butterfly place very much. A place where you will be practically surrounded by butterflies just after entering. If you’re lucky then a big colorful butterfly can even sit on our hand or clothing. Things like that do not happen at the shopping mall right? I, however, was enchanted by the night pavilion, where the day turns into a night and I could admire exotic animals that are so unseen that they wake up at night.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get a special attraction. We hit the red pandas’ birthday, which on this occasion got a big fruity cake.

An interesting fact was that many catwalks of animals had a kind of patron, eg a school or a veterinary office. Seeing this, I thought what would happen if the local hunting clubs had added their brick and became the patron of an animal. I wonder if it will happen someday.

Due to the fact that the ZOO itself was not the end of the attractions, we went to a restaurant called Lizawka. With my own eyes I could see what the place that the Kitchen Nightmares had previously visited looked like. Here it was extremely important because Lizawka serves venison dishes. I will tell you that I was not disappointed. Both the preparation time the price and taste were impeccable. Finally, I managed to persuade my wife, for example, for a roe deer tartar. I devoured the wild boar roast myself.
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We came back to the hotel tired, full and for a moment we did not think about going to the shopping center. I think it’s worth taking your loved ones from time to time and go to a place like ZOO with them. It is something that appeals to both young and old. In addition, it is worth planning the place where we will go to dinner in advance. Fast food is worth replacing with healthy venison.
I am even more than sure that every major city will have a place where we eat tasty, healthy and wild. It is sometimes worth to surprise your loved ones as my wife did. I’m sure they will like it.

Happy Hunting!

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