How to pass a hunting exam?

by Krzysztof Turowski

Despite the fact that we still have a few days to astronomical summer, we have been in summer in Poland for a long time. It is hot, dry, and in the countryside, you can smell the cut grass and hay.

Cereals are already so high that you can feel that there is no game in the field. Rape has long since no flowers, and corn begins to reach the shoulders.

In the coming period, many hunters will take care of rest and preparations for the upcoming season. However, there is a group that cannot afford to rest. They are candidates for hunters who will take exams very soon.
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Is the exam easy to pass? If someone was paying dutifully on the apprenticeship and the training, he should not have any problem with the exams. Questions for the written part are available on the Polish Hunting Association website and everyone can and even should be interested in them. They are exactly the same questions that will appear on the exam.

It is worth spending some time each day to do at least one test and analyze the results. The same tests should be executed during the apprenticeship, in order to avoid the situation, when the exam for a few days, and the amount of knowledge to assimilate is so huge that no one can cope.

The sample test consists of exactly 100 questions (30 questions in the area of security and 70 questions in the area of general knowledge). The question contains four answers, only one of which is correct. The exam is passed with a positive result with at least 80% of correct answers.

After completing the written exam, it’s time for the oral part. Here we will get 3 questions.

The first of these will concern the safety of individual hunting or safety on collective hunting. In this matter, you just have to know it. Safety on the hunt is the foundation and every hunter should have it at one’s fingertips. The fundamental issue is when a hunter is allowed to take a shot.

As everyone knows, the condition for a safe shot is to recognize the target itself, the clean foreground, i.e. the lack of any obstacles, people or other animals on the line of the shot and the bullet traps. We do not shoot in the direction of elevations, buildings, roads. We observe the distance and make sure that we shoot in conditions that allow the effectiveness of the shot and the ability to raise the game.

This knowledge should always accompany us.

The second question will most often concern the biology of the selected species. There is no need to discuss the biology of pigeon or mouflon thoroughly, although examiners will not let go of the exact knowledge of the most common species found in our hunting areas. Boar, deer, roe deer, pheasant, duck, hare, fox is the basis. You need to know what their propagation, behavior and our hunting dialect looks like.

The third question can be about everything. From biology, hunting law, knowledge of protected species, methods of hunting, ethics, tradition and construction of weapons. You can find everything that appeared on the courses. You can receive up to 5 points for each question. You pass when you collect at least 9 points. Can you get the maximum number of points?

Of course! This requires a proper approach to the topic even on the internship and willingness. 15 points is not a myth – I know what I’m saying.
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The next step will be a shooting test, where a shot from shotgun with pellet to clay. You stand on central position in front of the axis. You have to score 4/10 shots. Then the shot to the hare mock up alternately from right to left and left to right. Completes 4//10 hits. P.S. The mountain hare is under protection, so if you hear this name from the examiner, do not pull the trigger.

The last element is a shot to the silhouette of a deer from a distance of 100m from a rifle. A minimum of 3 of the 5 shots must be within the limits of the fields marked with numbers 7 to 10. We shoot from a standing position from the stand.

Then the young adepts only have to make a few formalities and payments and they can start thinking about choosing a weapon. Which weapon to choose? Of course, the best one. You can read about the best weapon << here >>

Good luck on exams!
Happy Hunting

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