The best weapon

by Krzysztof Turowski

Sunday evening was lazily. A man sat in a chair with a remote control – for the purposes of this text, let’s call him Adam. Yes, Adam will be a good name. He did not go to sleep yet and wondered what he could do. He could not go hunting, because the lack of a moon makes hunting impossible. At some point, an idea for an experiment appeared in his head.

He sat down in front of his computer and launch the browser. He created a new e-mail account and a fake Facebook account. A picture of a deer as a profile pic, forest in the background. He shared some videos about hunting, played a few minutes in a game, cluttering up his board. Easily get some Facebook friends. After a while, he was already a member of one of the hunting groups. He took out a beer from fridge, and finally, he wrote one sentence “Dear Friends, I would like to buy a gun, can you help me?”. Sat back in his chair, and click send. After a quarter, he regretted that there was no popcorn, because his experiment exceeded all expectations.

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Everything starts from gun manufactures:
– Take X.
– If you have xyz PLN buy Y.
– Only Z!
– I have V after my grandfather, it is a real weapon with the soul. The best I had in my hands.
– Z? Waste of money, you can have W for such prize and a good scope. Hogs doesn’t care.

After a few minutes Adam had so many comments, that it was impossible to keep up with reading. Several statements encouraged also to buy units from their current owners. According to the seller, each one is better than the previous one.

At some point the discussion went in the only possible direction.

– No matter which weapon, buy the A caliber.
– A? It’s not good for hunting! No A, the only good caliber is the B, don’t buy anything else.
– B causing too much damage with venison, it also hurts my arm, and destroy animal’s carcasses
– Take C from X,  I hunt my biggest boar with this caliber. Small but crazy!
– You destroy the carcass! when I shoot the deer, I always have a beautiful venison
– Sure, you do not know what B does with the meat
– Only Z!

Adam did not reply. He sat and tried to keep up with reading. The discussion was moving forward for a war on the drive between the calibers and producers.

From time to time, there were also questions like
– What do you want to hunt for?
– What hunting ground, what game?

As a result, Adam had a cross-section of all weapon manufacturers and calibers from the hunting ground from every part of the country.

If Adam was really interested in buying a weapon, I would not like to be on his place. 

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Despite everything, I wonder what I could advise to Adam. At the beginning I would ask what and where he want to hunt, then probably as most, I would start with what weapons I hunt and why. I would tell him what caliber I have and why I bought it. I would talk about my hunting ground, the wild game that lives there. In spite of my speech, I would send him to the store as soon as possible, so that he could see for himself what the unit looks like and how it is handled.

At the very question of what weapon is the best I would have answered, without hesitation, what I had heard from some wise hunter once. The best weapon is the one you have or the one you just bought.

When asked what weapon the best is, I would have answered without hesitation what I had heard from some wise hunter some time ago. The best weapon is the one you want to buy, or the one you have.

That’s why, the answer for the question of what weapon or which caliber is the best everyone will answer – mine.

It does not matter if you have a weapon for several hundred pln, or for a dozen thousand pln, this weapon is the best, because it is you who own it and you hunt it with it. The same rule applies to scope.

There will always be a better scope or binoculars with more cool stuff inside. After all, yours will be the best, because it is you who use it.

If you buy a new weapon, it will be the best weapon ever.

If you are an inexperienced, or even an experienced hunter, and just like Adam, you are wondering about the choice of a weapon or scope, then do not use open questions on the internet. In most cases you will find out what your colleagues are hunting with.

Go for a hunting store, go to the hunter’s fairs, go with your friends to the shooting range. See what weapons they have and ask them why they are hunting with this model and caliber. Check your finances and the most important thing – take the weapon in your hand and let it speak to you. The best weapon is the one you can afford. The best weapon is the one from which you hunt or will hunt. The best weapon is the one you have at home.

Happy Hunting!

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