The Minister has spoken.

by Krzysztof Turowski

Politics is our Polish hobby. Nevertheless, my blog is, was and was to be apolitical. I have not touched politics until today.

Unfortunately, the statement of the Minister of Agriculture has shocked me very much and he just deserve for the words you will find below.

As writes, Mr. Krzysztof Jurgiel gave an interview to Polish “TV Trwam” where the following words were said: “there is no ASF problem in pigs breeding “, he also says that the disease only occurs in wild boars and the Polish Hunting Association did not help and still does not help with the fight against ASFV.  He also mentions that at his request, the World Animal Health Organization isolated the ASFV virus in feral pigs from ASFV in domestic pigs, as well there was a question of building a fence on the eastern border, where the minister is considering its purpose.

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Unfortunately, I just can’t be indifferent to this statement.

Personally, I would not think about the purpose of the fence, because its construction in my opinion does not make sense and I would completely give up this topic. It is a waste of time, money and savings could be spent much better.

I’ll start with ASF. I wrote about the virus for some time ago << here >>.

To this day, 30/04/2018, we have 108 outbreaks of ASF in pigs and 2033 cases in feral pigs. The difference in numbers is big, but we’re talking about outbreaks vs cases. The focus means that the virus has reached the pig house and eliminates the pig after the pig. Assuming that one outbreak is a small pigsty in a small village with 20 pigs, it is clear that we have 2160 cases of ASF in pigs. I am more than sure that such outbreaks occurred in larger and largest pigsty. IMHO the number of cases in pigs goes in tens of thousands.

The virus was separated in feral pigs. It is a pity that this is a fictitious separation on paper. Unfortunately, in nature it is still the same virus and the fictitious division does not affect in any way the health of pigs.

Now the biggest complaint – no help from the Polish Hunting Association. Minister, you should be ashamed of your words.

On the one hand, you demand from us unethical extermination of a wild boar, because it’s what you really need, and on the other hand, your government takes away the tools that we had.

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Last year, the Hunting Clubs were asked by the decision of your Government, to move out from the areas of military units. Until today, these clubs have no access to these areas. The effect of this is a drastic increase in the wild boar population in the army bases and army units. For sure, the growth of the wild boar population is not the fault of the Ministry of Defense, which has appealed to us and ours – hunters, right?

In the fight against ASF, we have facilities in the form of one sampling center in Puławy (I heard a rumor about the other). The hunter waits even a dozen days to get the result. I would understand if we fought with ASF from yesterday, but we know about the virus for years. How is it possible that we still do not have county or even provincial laboratories that could examine such samples right away? Why money is not going to fight the virus in such a way that there are many more places. Here, hunters also are lazy, because they have not organized such places for their own money, right?

We appreciate seasoned venison, but I saw wild boars, whose tenderloins were even covered with mold, because their carcasses hung several days in a cold room. We are wasting meat, and thus our (hunters’) money. People who get such a wild boar don’t want to hunt. Of course, the only thing left is to dispose of such a healthy, moldy boar that costs. Again, throwing money.

The Hunting Clubs from the yellow or red zone do not have their own cold rooms to keep the shot boars. They need to buy such cold stores from their own resources, or use a collective cold store, eg at county veterinary inspectorates. I do not even want to think how many people are going through such places every day. What if the shot boar had ASF and simply, according to Murphy’s law, something goes wrong. The whole district has a big problem.

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Best at the end – the Hunting Law. Nobody prevents us from fighting the virus like our Polish government. You have created a law in which you move us 150meters from buildings under the pretext of loud shots instead of giving us the opportunity to use, for example, silencers for weapons. You give green light to anti-hunting organizations so that they can effectively block our hunting. You want to punish us if children appear on the hunts. ASF will not end today or tomorrow. Who will fight the virus in 10, 15 0r 20 years, when our children can’t take over the tradition of their generations?

With one signature of the president, you kill Polish cynology. How are we supposed to effectively get wounded game and train our dogs? Did you really believe in the anti-hunting slogans that hunters treat a fox or dog as an object that can be killed with a spade or throwing it alive at a rag? Seriously?

You have created a new system of hunting grounds damages calculations, including the village chiefs who already

they said that thy don’t want to calculate those damages. I wonder what about the village leaders, who, for example, are hunters. I know one myself. The conflict of interest is the most accurate statement in such a situation.

Minister, what else do you have for hunters? What else will you surprise us with? Maybe give us those 500 meters from the buildings that government was talking about some time ago. I’d better propose the law that we could only have one bullet on the hunt, or even better hunt with paintball paint.

Then we will certainly not do anything to fight the virus anymore. By the way, I am interested in how these wild boars get to the pig house.

Happy Hunting!

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