Smell of the meat

by Krzysztof Turowski

“Hey Krzysiek! Come to me in your free time, because I have some veal meat from my own breeding for you “. That’s the phone call which I received the a few days ago from my Master of the Hunt. Of course, he did not have to wait long for my arrival. I came with freshly prepared pate and canned wild boar, because it is known that it is not appropriate to go to guests with empty hands.
After a few minutes I was returning home in a full-veined bag, the smell of which filled my entire car.

I remember when I was a child, I was going with my parents to the city for shopping. From time to time, we visited a butcher’s shop where delicious sausages and meat hung on the hooks. In the refrigerator, there were giblets, raw meat, and sometimes even a quart of a pig carcass for some special order. We did not visit butcher’s shop too often, because my parents had their own farm and access to the best quality meat from their own breeding. Working on the farm teaches humility, respect for the land, animals and makes us aware of where the food comes from. Despite the rare visits to meat, I still remember the smell that appeared just after opening the door.

It was the smell of fresh, good meat that promised a delicious meal. It’s getting harder today for finding such stores.

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I like to work on meat, I like to prepare it. I believe that it is necessary to know where the meat comes from, whether it is fresh or has a good smell.

Good product quality guarantees a good and healthy meal. There is no better way to have the best meat than to grow or hunt it yourself. There is also no better way to check its quality than your own nose or touch.

It turns out, that not everyone has the same opinion. reports that the so-called Generation Y, that is, people under 35 years of age, do not want to have contact with meat before making it. Apparently, simply touching such meat causes discomfort or anxiety.

The British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s even introduces special meat bags, so that people do not have to touch it before it lands on the pan. I wonder how big is the lack of knowledge of people about meat, its quality and where it comes from. I have already written <<here>> about the amount of antibiotics in poultry meat on this occasion, mentioning the idea for vitro meat. As a conscious consumer, I’m afraid of where are we going.

The worst, is human insensitivity and misconception about ecology. For some time I have been lucky, that my pictures appear on the official facebook of the Polish Hunting Association. I am very pleased because of this, because I know that my work for hunting is noticed and appreciated. Unfortunately, it is not always understood, because also my photos are often shared by anti-hunting groups such as “Warsaw residents against hunters”. I let myself check what’s interesting there. I will not quote, I do not wish to waste my time and your nerves.

I was surprised, that in the group of  “Like it” is my friend who likes and eats meat.

I do not know, therefore, whether it is such a new hate fashion for hunters or the actual lack of understanding of what we do.

A pig in pigsty did not see the sun, sky or grass in entire life. It is fattened and stuffed with antibiotics. Then drives in cramped vehicles for animals transport, and at the end of his way to the slaughterhouse it can even get a electric shock because she does not want to leave the platform. These are the ‘charms’ of mass production and hypermarkets. Wild boar, roe deer or deer, which I shoot for, they don’t even know that there is a man with a gun around. The bullet goes exactly where it should, without unnecessary suffering and torture of the animal. I gives them respect by giving the last bite and honoring with spruce branch. Hunted animal fade away without a human sight.

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I know that hunting is not for everyone. That is why animals are raised on farms so that each of us can eat meat, because we are carnivores, just look of what teeth we have. I mostly appreciate the small farms, like the one which my friend has. As a conscious hunter, he pays even more attention to proper breeding and proper treatment of animals.

However, I do not know where the hypocrisy comes in case of people who eats meat, order it in restaurants and preparing at home, who also belong to such anti-hunting groups and are expressed in a ‘specific’ way about us – hunters. As you can see from the demand of people from the Y generation, they approach the meat in white gloves, through the foil ‘shooting with a credit card’ in the store thinking confidently that such a hunt is less killing, closing eyes when they see the transport of animals to the slaughterhouse.

Happy Hunting!

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