Hogs holidays on ‘Rodos

by Krzysztof Turowski

Rodos (eng. Rhodes), a beautiful Greek island in the Aegean Sea. Every year visited by many tourists, who rest in the shade of trees, sipping ouzo. We Poles also have our own Rodos, and more specifically in short R.O.D.O.S. which (after translation) means “family allotments fenced with a mesh”. We call them an allotments, the real name is ROD but adding OS at the end make it funny.

This allotment is nothing more than a few dozen square meters of land often in the vicinity of the center of huge, large, but also small towns. This is a springboard for people living in blocks who want to have a small piece of land where they will sow carrots, parsley or cucumbers seeds. It’s a place where you will find a fruit tree, a lawn, or even a summer house. Holidays on RODOS are based on a barbecue, Bonfire, lawn mowing or chilling in the shade of cherry trees. Many people living in the city appreciate their small allotment gardens and take care of it.

The charms of Żagań’s RODOS have been discovered by hogs which don’t want to be worse than hogs from Warsaw. Those from the Polish capital have been preparing trips to the city center, probably looking for a local RODOS. Wild boar in the city is nothing new, I wrote about them some time ago << here >>.

According to the prawolowieckie.pl portal, on March 20, 2018, the Mayor of Żagań issued a decision in which he allowed the “Polish Association of Allotment Association of Family Garden Plants “Bajka” in Żagań (by the way who create this name?) for hunting of 50 wild boars. Everything in accordance with the Polish Hunting Law. Wild boar crops on plots and threaten people. Wild boils destroy crops on allotment plots and threaten people.

According to the portal zary-zagan.regionalna.pl
“- Last year we were able to claim damages for the first time. The highest was about 400 PLN, there were payments of 20 and 50 PLN. Today, it’s not even about losses. One of our gardeners sat in her gazebo for two hours, because she was afraid to leave when the wild boars ran around her plot. This is a threat to health and life. My husband met the wild boars at 8:00 in the morning. We do not want to be afraid – says Krystyna Leśnik, president of ROD (Family Allotments) “Bajka”. ”

As you can see, it’s not about 20 or 50 PLN claim damages for a carrot, but about paying attention to the actual problem of boar reduction. I wonder where are the anti-hunters who so eagerly to hug hunted wild boars or deers. In Żagań on RODOS, you can cuddle those alive. You can show gardeners that they wild boars are not as scary as hunters says. Anyway, the problem will not affect only wild boar, but many other species of animals.

Back to the topic. As you know, hunting can only be done by authorized persons (hunters). The task of reduction was therefore received by colleagues from the “Jeleń” (Deer) Hunting Club in Żagań. According to prawolowieckie.pl, “Jeleń” conscientiously implements hunting plans – last year they obtained 190 wild boar, while in the plan they had 185 boars to be shot.

Now it’s time to look at it from a different perspective, because what is happening is just a regular increase of the hunting plan for the Hunting Club, introduced by a side door.

On the one hand, we are moving away from the buildings, government give a gate for anti-hunting organisations so that you can block our hunts without any consequences. Our cynology is destroyed, but on the other hand, you go to us for help, when it turns out that there are too many wild boars in the city. Hunting is hampered. in many places it is even impossible. For example: before new hunting law in Poland, it was possible to effectively protect crops and have a possibility to hunt until 100 meters. Now in many places, we hunters can only pay damage caused by wild animals. Now nothing will happen with hogs in such place.

The question is, why we hunters have to pay, when we want to do our work and hunt, and this is prevented by government.

I deeply believe that the allotment owner support and will support us hunters in our hard work. Those in Żagań experienced exactly a typical issues of all farmers in the countryside. Crops destroyed by wild hogs, people do not feel safe, hard work of farmers goes in vain, sometimes in one night. Unfortunately, we hunters often can not help, because the government do not see the problem while sitting in their limos.

I hope that also the inhabitants of other cities will finally see that hunter is not an enemy, but a real guardian of nature, balance and safety. Maybe instead of asking for a reduction, someone should finally listen to us – hunters.

It’s time to think about how many people will not be sleeping tonight watching the crops. You do not have to be a hunter. Hunting is not for everyone and will never be, the same as not everyone can be a butcher. I have no problem with the fact that you ‘shoot’ using your credit card for a chicken breast in your store.

You do not have to hunt, you do not have to help me, the only thing I ask is that you do not disturb. All I need is that you will not have a problem when, as a hunter, I will do my hard work sitting at night in the hunting box somewhere near freshly sown wheat, which will once again transform into bread that you eat for breakfast sitting in your allotment garden.

Happy hunting!

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