A-Hunting We Will Go

by Krzysztof Turowski

Does it happen to you that you take someone with you for a hunt?
For me – yes.
Of course not always, but sometimes I actually hunt in the company.

These are  often colleagues from my hunting club, with whom we also check the deer licks, pastures or high seats. Sometimes, a colleague from another hunters club invites us to his game shooting district. We feel best in such company because we can count on  and rely on each other.
However, it happens sometimes, that someone who does not hunt, and knows nothing about hunting goes hunting with me.

Of course, these are not random people from the street, but my close and good friends who are very curious what it is all about, and why I spend so much time in the forest or fields and meadows.

Usually, these are the people who I know well enough, to predict how they will behave when they see a hunted animal.

Nevertheless, I come to the conclusion, that you should use the ‘light’ version when you are taking someone with you to hunt. At least when this person will go with us for the first time.

Before the hunt, it is worth considering to take a trip to the shooting range. Take a shotgun with you, buy a few packs of trap ammo, ask the staff to block the launcher axes and show your friend how it is to shoot clay.

Show them, that the shooting range can be a great idea for spending free time, and the weapon is not only used to kill everything that moves. By the way you will have the opportunity for some additional training.

Then go on hunting. In my opinion, it is better to go earlier in the evening.
Show how your hunting world looks like. Show, them what you see when you are on the hunting ground. Talk about our hunting dialect, describe  traditions, tell them what we can hunt for, and what species are under the protection time and why.

Tell about the tracks, show the game’s paths and show the hunting world through your eyes.

I have also noticed that if we do not hunt anything this day, then my guest’s appetite for hunting grows even more.

He is asking for another trip, and our joint expedition takes on the rank of a huge adventure which he just experienced.

Game approaching, observation, sneaking to it becomes something that we can end up with in the future.

Let it be like the first date that your guest can not forget about. Whatever he would do, he will still have this one thought in mind that will not stop. In this case, let it be the forest. Let your guest talk only about this one day of hunting with you.

When I was on my hunting training, my friend and hunting instructor Marek said: “The magic of hunting ends after a successful shot.”

And you know what? I think it’s worth worth missing from time to time while taking a shot.

Yes, I know, it is much easier to take care of our hunted animals when you are in a company. Even simply moving  a hunted wild boar requires a lot of strength and energy. I know it is much easier to carry it in two people.

However, it is worth letting people who do not hunt experience these magical hunting moments for at least a bit longer and leave hard work for yourself and other hunters.

Let our guests remember the beauty of forest’s views and keep in mind how wonderful it was to hunt!

Let this memory be with them at least until the next hunting trip. Who knows – maybe there is a growing idea to become a hunter in someone’s mind.

Happy hunting

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