Who am I?
I love nature! I try to spend every moment in the bosom of nature collecting mushrooms, hunting or fishing.

I have my own vegetable garden which I nurture and grow every year to enjoy homemade preserves in the winter season. Thanks to that I know that our food does not come from the shelf in the store. I think that homemade is the best, the healthiest and the tastiest. I make delicious home-made wine.

I promote the approach to not publish photos of hunted animals over the internet. I love hunting traditions, and I proudly take care of Polish Hunting Association in one of Hunters Club next to Warsaw in Poland. I am fulfilling myself as an editor and photographer of the Polish Hunter group

I am also a professional wedding photographer specializing in the wedding reportage (EKT Project), privately husband of Morrine and future father.

My photos were made available on the official Instagram of Sauer USA, on the official profile of the Polish Hunting Association, FAM – Pionki, or wabiarz.pl and won in the competitions of the TV magazine „Darz Bór” (screenshots at all the bottom of this page).

I can not always be on both sides of the camera. Sometimes my friend Jarosław Kosterka helps me with pictures. He gives me the raw material photo that I work on, so that the images get the vision and atmosphere that you know from my projects „EKT Project” and „Turowski Krzysztof Hunting”.

I’ll show you that Hunting is not just an animals shooting!