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Dear intern, do you know what to expect from a hunting internship? Do you still hear everything you will know once you start it? Want to […]


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Dear intern, do you know what to expect from a hunting internship? Do you still hear everything you will know once you start it? Want to know the cost of becoming a hunter and not be surprised by the amounts? You don’t know what to expect on the first hunt and where to start a conversation with the hunter or the hunting club?

I have been on a hunting apprenticeship too.

I had the same doubts and questions that now appear in your head – whether it is definitely for me or if I can do it, or pass the exam, how to get on the check-in, how to behave on the hunt, where to go and what to do, how to use the dialect, ant not to be ridiculed?

How much would I give to get this type of book when I went hunting with my teacher for the first time. I would know so much more! I would feel more confident and know what questions to ask.

Fortunately, such a position already exists!

“Staż z pomysłem – podręcznik dla przyszłych i obecnych myśliwych” (Eng. Internship with an idea – a guide for future and current hunters) is more than just a book. This is a real treasury of knowledge not only for trainees, their teachers and current hunters, but also for the management of hunting clubs or even district boards.

On over 300 pages you will find a detailed description of what an apprenticeship is, how to start it, what the PZŁ (Polish Hunting Association) structure looks like, what are the costs of being a hunter, the necessary tools, accessories and learning materials. I will discuss the challenges you will meet on your way. We will go through the whole hunting year discussing each period, we will complete an internship, then complete the course and pass the exams.

I will help the tutor find a good and effective way so that he can best transfer his experience and knowledge. Together we will make sure that you and your intern create a plan for the whole year and that nothing escapes your attention. I will try to make sure you use this time effectively. You will receive a ready recipe on how to look after the future hunter.

It is also an ideal solution for wheel managements or fisheries hosts, which can be used as a work plan for economic days throughout the whole hunting year.

This book differs from other hunting items available on our market. Any other reading discusses the types of animals, hunting or hunting equipment, but when it comes to strictly internship knowledge, the most often used slogan is: „You will learn everything during your internship”. Everything? But what exactly? What does the internship look like and how should it look like? What is happening at this time and how to survive it?

With this book, a hunting apprenticeship will be a pleasure, not a necessity!

The media patronage over the book was taken by the Łowiec Polski, Darz Bór TV and Gun TV.

Additional information:

ISBN / ISSN number 978-83-954273-0-5
Number of pages 320
145 x 205 format
Type of binding soft sewn
TK Hunting publisher – Krzysztof Turowski
Book in Polish 

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