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All animals would like to be as clever as a fox. It’s not without reason that we call him cunning. The fox can sneak up unnoticed, without anyone’s attention.
It’s the same with this wallet. His clever solutions will surprise you and anyone who will sees it in your hands. Pocket for several payment cards or ID card, a special banknote holder and an additional pocket for tickets or a receipt or driving license
This is a real minimalist wallet that fits in your pocket pocket. Clever fox with a lot of space.

This is the basic wallet signed by Turowski Krzysztof Hunting.

When Passion for hunting meets with a passion for craft, we can be sure that something special will arise. Especially when we combine passion with experience, quality, attention to detail and the highest quality materials. For the production of wallets, we use only tanned leathers with natural tannins.

The leather are 100% natural, from bulls, the leather is not artificially corrected and carries the signs of the animal’s life. Each of them is  selected to meet very high quality criteria. Such a leather collects patina and coincides with the owner’s life. Each product is 100% handmade.

Using only hand tools and selected threads. Each edge of the skin is polished and protected against fraying. The entire wallet, in addition to the card inserts, is made of leather.

These products are intended for anyone who values ​​quality, durability, and good taste. While creating them, we wanted everyone who would take them to love them from the first look, and make sure the price will not be scarry. 

From the hunter to hunters, foresters and anyone who knows that natural is the best.

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