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Do you know why venison is so expensive?

Some time ago I was talking to a man who was indignant when he heard that I was a hunter. He said that he do not respect hunters because they are tormenting animals. I was very surprised because my interlocutor was an angler who, as he described himself, is an ethical angler, who catch and...

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Eco not meat

There is a trend for organic food. Apples and other fruits cannot be spattered and must come from organic orchards, similarly with vegetables from organic crops. Eggs – these should be from happy chicken not from battery cages, with non-GMO feed and without antibiotics. Low-sugar jams. Juices are best when freshly squeezed. We pay attention...

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Total stupidity!

Looking through Facebook in the evening, I noticed that Krzysiek, my friend from our hunting club, share some post. As the case concerned our neighborhood and the topic, next to which any hunters should’t be indifferent. Of course, I decided to read this entry, and I got pissed off after reading the first sentence. I...

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