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Long long time ago…

Do you know the "Polski Myśliwy" eng. Polish Hunter facebook group? Unfortunately it is in PL only, but from what we have noted, enjoys considerable popularity. I have the pleasure that I have appeared there practically since day zero and I am one of the editors. I remember that I have been developing my bloga blog when one of my colleagues wrote to me, "Hey, maybe you join as a photographer"? From word to word, I said that this place would perfectly fit into what I would like to do. Looking through the history of my texts on the group,......

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An exquisite, hunter’s stew

Again, I neglected part of my blog dedicated to cooking. So, I come back to the pots to fix it. In conversations with foreigners, the question about our kitchen is asked sooner or later. How and what we eat, what we can boast about and what to show to visitors as a typical Polish traditional dish. Such stories usually start with our sausages and long-ripened meats. I'm also talking about deer, wild boar or hare pate. There is also a sour rye soup called “żur” on my list, and one of the main attractions is Steak tartare called “tatar” and,......

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Roe deer stew

How is your venison marinade? I am even more than sure that your mouths are watering to change the contents of the bowl into something delicious. Do not worry, I'm coming with the second part of our culinary adventure called "roe deer stew". To those who do not eat meat, and as I have noticed, visit my blog trying to troll it, I dare to say that unfortunately there will be no vegetarian nor vegan version and fortunately it is impossible to replace venison with jerusalem artichokes or tofu. Stew will be made of marinated meat. If you don’t know......

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Maybe we will finally cook something together?

I am sure you have already discovered that I talk a lot about the advantages  of venison, I glorify its taste and its nutritional value. Now, attention! I will reveal to you our great hunting mystery. It is something of we hunters are whispering about, or not saying anything at all. This secret is passing down from generation to generation. It’s a tradition that hunters have cultivated for centuries. I will tell you about the marinade for. Btu please remember -  it’s our secret, and please don’t show it to anyone! Okay, I'm joking a little, and I'd love to show this marinade......

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