“… satisfaction of murder, tasting of taking life …”

by Krzysztof Turowski

“You raise your weapon, aim, prolonged whiz and suddenly a live animal is your trophy. You kill not because you have to, or  you  are hungry. You kill for the pleasure of killing.
Satisfaction with murder, tasting of taking life. Animal killing – a replacement when you can’t kill people. “
I came across such a statement some time ago online and, as you can guess, it does not come from a hunter’s statement.

Staz z pomyslem
Premiera książki już w tym miesiącu.

The Trollhunter profile is one of my favorites. I often look there because what this man invents are real gems that sometimes entertain and sometimes shock. This time, is different. This time I am looking at the posted text and I am happy that access to firearms is so complicated in our country because I am afraid to think what would happen if people writing such texts had it …

The quoted passage comes from “wysokie obcasy”- an addition to the “Gazeta wyborcza” newspaper. It is also posted on the online profile. The author is Mrs. Monika Płatek – Prof. Warsaw University, head of the Department of Criminology at the Institute of Criminal Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration. It is even more surprising that such an educated person wrote such a text.

Szacunek do zwierzyny. To podstawa łowiectwa.

Every time I see pseudo-ecologists sayings about thousands of animals murdered in forests, I wonder why no one asks to use the word eaten. After all, practically every hunted animal is eaten by us. The only exception to this species are predators, such as foxes, which simply have to be reduced due to human activity. For fear of our health and life, we started vaccinating the foxes to protect ourselves from illness. In addition to predators, after hunting, each animal is delivered to the cold store so that it, like beef, pork, mutton or poultry, reaches our tables. Also the hunt itself takes place in such a way that the animal does not tire.

I am more than sure that a statistical hunter will not hunt as many animals during his entire life as dies one day at the hands of a butcher. Dead animal on the store shelf is normal, but there is no room for respect. There is a smiling piggy and a butcher who delivers fresh meat daily. Whereas a statistical hunter, whose acquisition is nothing like a daily change of employee in a slaughterhouse is treated like a sick psychopath. The hypocrisy of society strikes and frightens.

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Returning, however, to the entry – the author clearly tries to do everything so that her text has the strongest message possible. It is about beating a child, destroying forests, referring to the Bible, weapons, war, murdering people and animals for fun, rape and hunting. And all the text is 332 words, half a page of text … Just at the end, before the appeal to maintain the ban on the participation of children in hunting, there is something else that I will leave without comment, due to respect for history.

“War is to murder, rape and rob with impunity. Wrapped in noble slogans, it engages children and fight. Later, he puts a monument to a small  insurgent , does not remember about the killed insurgent, and directs his weapon towards the forest. With sadistic delight, it corrupts the inhabitants of forests and fiercely fights that the traditions of the pleasure of murder be instilled and passed on to children. ” ( insurgent is referring to the Little Insurgent Monument in Warsaw)

Reading this text, I have the impression that it was written by someone who was full of hatred and bloodlust “… satisfaction of murder, tasting of taking life …” You will not hear such words from statistical John Doe. That’s not the way any man I know – a hunter, regular soldier or even a member of special forces. Such words appear in horror movies or documentaries about really bad people.
Reading this, I see a picture of someone with insane eyes, whom a normal person would be afraid to meet at night in a dark street for fear of his life and health. It is even more shocking that this is the statement of dr hab prof Warsaw University.

Happy Hunting! 

Source: http://www.wysokieobcasy.pl/wysokie-obcasy/7,100865,25041754,dzieci-na-polowaniu-czyli-tresura-do-okrucienstwa.html?disableRedirects=true

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