Are you a natural hunter?

by Krzysztof Turowski

Something happened that I did not expect! One of the organizations with a black and white animal in the logo unknowingly admitted that hunting which I know and promote is, as they called it, “natural” and, as I understand it, worth promoting. And although they denied their theory a moment later, it’s impossible to notice that their words fit perfectly with what ethical hunting is for me. Scroll down to the next part.

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In the book “Apprenticeship with an idea – a handbook for future and current hunters”, which will be available for sale on the Polish market at any moment, it shows various faces of hunting, nevertheless, very important is to what is happening with the carcass. Devotion to the game is an expression of respect and gratitude for the fact that it gave its life so that I or my relatives could eat healthy and tasty meat. All the activities that we perform afterwards – gutting, cooling, maturing of the carcass, skinning, skilful division and marinating, so that the meat has the best taste. Work so that nothing will be wasted. The bones will be delicious, the so-called narogi, that is, the lungs, hearts, liver and kidneys, go to pates or meatballs. Ozorki in jelly, or with horseradish sauce to rarity. We eat even stomachs from pheasants, and the former hunter even ate nostrils. As we read in pre-war cookbooks, nostrils from two elks managed to satisfy even a few people.

The post about which I write at the beginning appeared on the facebook of the organization on May 13 and concerned wolves. In one of the comments falls the statement “more wolves less hunters” and the discussion went in the direction of the term “natural hunter“. I would like to analyze the organization’s comment after dividing it into two parts. The first one says “The natural hunter hunts when it is possible to get food …” This sentence is crucial because he speaks directly about us – hunters. It is us who hunt for meat, healthy, tasty, natural meat which we do not waste and which we respect when we know where it comes from. Even if we look at the second part of their statement which tries to negate the first one: “… The consumption of venison in Poland is minimal. Most people do not eat venison. So it’s hard to call a man a natural hunter “, it’s hard not to notice that the definition of a natural hunter is the one that describes us – hunters. Scroll down to the next part.

This begs the question of who is now a natural hunter and what should be promoted. Is a natural hunter who goes to the forest to obtain healthy tasty meat, from which no part will go to waste, and who honors the hunted game honoring it, or a man shooting with a credit card in a meat shop to meat that has not seen grass, forest, sky all it’s life ? An animal enclosed in cages, fed with antibiotics in the way, so that it grows as quickly as possible. An animal transported in cramped trucks, chased to a slaughterhouse, electrocuted and receiving a shot from the touchdown and so on. Maybe it’s worth to look at it from this perspective and promote the game that natural hunters acquire! The society will not give up meat, but it can eat meat whose emergence does not degrade the environment and is natural. I’m glad they noticed that the natural hunter is hunting to eat hunted game. I’m a natural hunter, I’m hunting for food! Happy hunting!

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