I became a lecturer!

by Krzysztof Turowski

When on the Saturday morning I crossed the door of the lecture hall, I looked like after a workout at the gym. I carried with me two backpacks filled to the brim with books and decoys. In addition, the archival numbers of Łowiec Polski and presentation equipment. It was a great day for me, a 7-hour course for future hunters awaited me, and I was not a student but a lecturer. Scroll down to the next part.

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I admit that I was very curious about who will appear in the lectures and how lectures will be received, because I remember how it is to be on the other side. I remember very well, whose lecturers we rewarded at the course with applause, and from which we left with a certain lack of satisfaction. If someone has been watching my blog for some time, he knows my approach to hunting. He also knows that I am trying to educate both future and current hunters. Last year I wrote about what to do to pass the exam. I started the project “Apprenticeship with an idea” to make it easier for interns and trainees to effectively use the time. Soon there will also appear the book “Apprenticeship with an idea – a handbook for future and current hunters (in PL only)” which is a material that has never been seen in our market yet. All the more, I was curious about my future colleagues, their knowledge, their commitment and how their internship looked and whether it was actually an internship with an idea. I asked who gutted, who calling game, who was on the hare hunt and who take care of hunted hare himself. I was curious not only about the passion of these people, but also about their views on hunting and the role of the hunter in today’s world.

In order to get to know them a bit, I could not give a lecture, in which we simply go through slides. My topics: “Ethics, culture and hunting traditions, including hunting language, culture-forming role of hunting, hunting history” and “Promoting the image of the hunter. The methodology of transferring hunting knowledge” were almost perfect to be able to talk to each other and not just present.

On the occasion of a call for specific species, everyone could touch and see which and how game call I use every day. Some of the missing species also sent me a Gunbroker.pl because in my collection there was not even a lure for pheasants or bird fright. There were also riddles – some simple ones, others more difficult, and the answer to the most difficult ones was the prize – the archival number of Łowca Polski. What could be a question puzzle? Everything! From the dialect and things like the name of a wolf’s tail, by the question of why “Darz Bór” toast we drink with our left hand, by the question of what wild boar samples we give for testing. Everyone knew about the muscles of the diaphragm, but that’s not just a diaphragm. We went to the tradition of catching elbows and game species related to amulets such as St. Cube. Hubert. history of Świętokrzyskie, the city of Wieluń after the story of a great bear and bear liquor. Scroll down to the next part.

I also had books with me, which in my opinion are worth having in the hunter’s library. From those describing the history of hunting and its traditions, through those about myths, superstitions, and demons inhabiting our forests, to cookbooks that are more than a set of recipes.

At the end, we talked about the problems the hunter encounters. It was about hate speech, online publications and promoting hunting among the local community. It was not without questions, from simple what, how and why, to the most difficult and complicated ones which in my opinion everyone should answer in their own conscience.

Who did I meet that day? People full of passion, hope and love for nature and hunting. I am glad that we could meet each other. I keep my fingers crossed for exams and I believe that soon new colleagues will join us, ethical hunters who will be saying “I am a hunter” with joy and pride.

Happy hunting!

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