Eco not meat

by Krzysztof Turowski

There is a trend for organic food. Apples and other fruits cannot be spattered and must come from organic orchards, similarly with vegetables from organic crops. Eggs – these should be from happy chicken not from battery cages, with non-GMO feed and without antibiotics. Low-sugar jams. Juices are best when freshly squeezed. We pay attention to practically every aspect of our diet except one thing – the quality of meat. Scroll down to the next part.

Zdjęcie/Photo: Artur Rożniata, dzień Sołtysa w Łowiczu

Of course, I cannot say that there is no meat and good quality ham on sale, because of course they are, but to find them often you need to read the labels carefully. It turns out that even expensive meats can contain a lot of additives. Expensive kabanosy from the premium sector includes starch, stabilizers, antioxidants, preservatives and acidity regulators such as sodium acetates and citrates, monosodium glutamate, sodium isoascorbate, sodium alginate, sodium citrate and even cellulose. In addition to pork, you’ll also find pork protein or poultry protein that is not a meat in definition. These are not the products that would be kept, for example, by our grandparents from a personally grown pig, smoked in their own smokehouse fired with fruit wood.

Vegetarians and vegans are trying to find alternative to meat, although often choosing a diet is decided on other motives than the desire for healthy nutrition. They express their longing for meat in products such as meatless sausage, meatless ribs, meatless white sausage or meatless bacon. There is even mayonnaise without eggs. White meatless sausage is made from pea protein mixed with coconut oil, rapeseed oil, adding psyllium fiber from grandmother ovata (used as a laxative). The egg-zero mayonnaise, on the other hand, has a modified starch or guar gum which similarly has a laxative effect. Meatless garlic ham contains carrageenan – processed seaweed whose excessive consumption threatens ulceration of the intestines. Everything, of course, meatless from something like a vegan butcher! Scroll down to the next part.

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  The fans of raw vegan, which is a vegan diet in raw form, are a step ahead. This diet i is promoted in the network by a person called Rawvana known as a vegan guru. portal reported, that our vegan guru was caught eating fish and, judging by her expression, she did not expect to be recorded. It was explained that the doctors persuaded her to introduce animal made products, because she stopped menstruating, has anemia and very poor hormonal results similar to women just before menopause. Doctors diagnosed bacterial growth syndrome of the small intestine and digestive disorders. Rawvana apparently regrets what she did and states that she made a mistake and asking for forgiveness. I think I regret more about being caught than fighting for my health. So, what to eat? I think that before choosing – meatless meat, raw vegan, or meat stuffed with chemistry, we forget about something that is the most natural, healthy and delicious. It is meat, the production of which did not contribute to the degradation of the natural environment, and the animals were not farmed in cages and transported to the slaughterhouse. The meat is venison. Healthy, tasty, rich in protein and nutritional value, from a truly natural breeding without artificial fodder and antibiotics hunted by a real ecologist – hunter. So, if you care about health and pay attention to what you eat, choose venison! And do not hide like Rawvana while eating – a healthy lifestyle and taking care of yourself and your family is no shame! Happy Hunting!  

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