Hunting for Prime Minister

by Krzysztof Turowski
      When on Sunday, March 17, many people were still sleeping, in the GPS of 1000 village headman’s from all over the country the name of a city in the center of Poland was inscribed. Of course It was not a coincidence, but the National Village Headman’s Day, which this year’s edition was held in Łowicz. As you probably guessed in such a place could not miss us – hunters, promoting hunting and venison. It was a day full of impressions, amazing meetings and ideas which i will describe. Scroll down to the next part.

If you believe Wikipedia, the village headman’s office was established at the turn of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. A lot of years have passed since then, and despite many changes, the village mayor’s function has survived and has come to the fore in the country for good. In fact, a village administrator is a public official who can be found in every village. It is the local mayor who is often the person with whom we hunters are cooperating very close  and I can confirm it on my own example. However, this Sunday we did not meet in the hunting unit but during a beautiful ceremony organized just for the village mayors, to appreciate their contribution to the development of polish village. Besides, the village is not only village leaders but also rural housewives who also had their special place during this ceremony. For some time, there have been more and more circles of rural housewives in Poland. and many of them were created thanks to the help received from the government in the form of financial support for start, from 3 to even up to 5 thousand zlotys.

Zdjęcie/Photo: Artur Rożniata
In such place where village mayors and wheels of rural housewives are present they could not miss us – hunters. The stand of the Polish Hunting Association was taken care of by the District Board in Skierniewice with the head of the district board Piotr Jędral. The game for the promotion was provided by Gobarto S.A. Due to the fact that I also hunt in a hunting club in the Skierniewice district, I could not imagine that that day I could miss it! I had the pleasure to represent there the District Board of the Polish Hunting Association in Warsaw.
Zdjęcie/Photo: Artur Rożniata

Our stand was set right on the stage and from the very beginning of the ceremony tempted by the delicious venison of guests from the first rows, including Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki.

After the mass and the ceremonial awarding of 86 village mayors with the medal of the 100th anniversary of regaining independence, the prime minister moved towards food stalls with healthy Polish food, both prepared by us and the aforementioned rural housewives’ circles. Piotr Jędral gave to prime minister  a basket full of Polish venison, and I personally handed the prime minister a beautiful album “Hunting” issued on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Polish Hunting Association.

Zdjęcie/Photo: Artur Rożniata


On that day, the Golec brothers from the band Golec uOrkiestra who had their performance on the main stage also appeared on our stand. We took a commemorative photographs, and had a lot of talks about the game and mountains.

We were not able to count how many people visited us that day. Many guests visited us with a greeting “Happy hunting” saying that they hunt themselves, often sharing their own ways of cooking venison and hunting stories. Scroll down to the next part.

Zdjęcie/Photo: Artur Rożniata
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We could not miss Łowicz. The natural thing is that wherever local mayors meet, Polish agriculture and the wheels of rural housewives, they should also met us – hunters. Polish hunting and agriculture have a lot in common, and care for agricultural crops and limiting damage caused by game is our duty. This day is also a mass of thoughts. I wondered what we hunters could do together with the wheels of rural housewives. I think that joint workshops in making venison could be an ideal promotion of this healthy food there. Just think about how much we could gain by supporting such local initiatives as the wheels of rural housewives! Is there anyone who would not like to taste this jointly prepared venison? Each of the housewives returning home would tell their families and friends about hunting through the hunting kitchen!

Who knows, maybe I can plant this seed and I will sprout the idea of ​​cooperation with the housewives. Because when they sang in Łowicz, the Golcowie “Here is stubble”, but what will later depend only on us!

Happy hunting!

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