Do you hunt for fun?

by Krzysztof Turowski
I have been wondering for a very long time why people are so negative about hunting. Both in the network, in the press and on television, we are depicted as people deprived of a moral backbone, hunting without obsession, and what scares me the most –  for fun.

Weekend, Poznań, hunting fairs. According to the portal, net to the entrance of  MTP fairs, a group of about one hundred activists appeared who protested against hunting and shooting wild boars as part of the fight against ASF. They have banners with like: “V – do not kill”, “Against the hunting lobby”, “It is a murder, not a sport”. Scroll down to the next part.

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Sport? What sport? The sport can be defined as the competition at the shooting range, where we compete in shooting to shield skeet or trap. Alternatively, when we compete in the parkours or simply we bet with colleagues who will have a better result. Yes, but to call hunting a sport? In fact, we can often walk tens of kilometers in the hunting ground, but sport means exercises and games aimed at developing physical fitness and striving to achieve the best results. In hunting, no one is aiming at anything, we are not competing, because hunting is not a competition. Hunting is a form of nature protection whether anti hunters  want it or not. I do not have to have a better result, because I do not compete with anyone, I have to take care of fields and crops and for balance in the nature. But if the media give such a falsified message to the public, it is not surprising that we have pseudo ecologists, convinced that the hunter is an sportsman. The most amazing thing is that the eco terrorists are still using words that we shoot and hunt for fun, which makes me even more dumbfounded. This is also one more issue related to the shooting of boars and the fight against ASF where the public was also misled and heard that the hunters will shoot additional, unplanned 200,000 boars within two months, which as we all know is not true.

In this way, we’ve got people who are not really wanted to hear when someone tells them what hunting is. They are already set against hunting and against the hunter at the start. They invite TV and, like the great defenders of morality, move to block hunting. Interestingly those people are never for anything but always against, always against, always for “no”. Scroll down to the next part.


A few days ago, i saw a report of the Uwaga magazine, in which we see how pseudo ecologists are moving to the hunting ground of the “Lis Mszczonów” hunting club and the “Tur – Jeleń Grzmiąca” hunting club. It is worth mentioning that colleagues from the Grzmiąca club, as they said themselves, did sanitary hunting and their areas are areas of red zone. Obviously blocking persons were ordinary strollers who only by accident on that day chose a coordinated group in the same place as the hunters ignoring the “Caution hunting” signs. At some point, the redactor says that, just as hunters have the right to hunt, others have the right to walk. However, I would like to stop here for a moment and explain a few things.

The anti-hunting organizations believe that they know how important the fight against ASF virus is. They said it’s people, not the wild game that carry the virus. I am asking for an explanation – how is it that knowing that ASF is moving by people, they are entering the forest and the red zone, knowing that there is a sanitary hunting and deliberately move in this area. Is this behavior responsible? Should such behavior be tolerated and allowed? What are the farmers who, when ASF appears in their pigsties, are able to lose the goods of their entire life? After all, blockers also eat meat, Polish meat, from Polish pig farms. Whether blocking organizers want to take on any costs related to compensation for farmers, hunting damages or even penalties for non-implementation of the plan by hunting clubs, because it turns out that besides hunters hardly know that they pay for their failure to pursue the hunters’ plan. It is a pity that the redactor was not open enough to show what the situation from the second hunting party really looks like. It is a pity that he does not show what hate looks like on the hunters like on the Internet. They wishes people death for the fact that they hunted an animal which they would later eat.

They show how a group of people goes to the red zone, where hunting takes place to deliberately hinder hunting. They move around the area and who knows if any moment through their thoughtlessness will not spread the virus to places where ASF is not a problem. Why are they doing this? Maybe for sport or maybe for fun.

Happy hunting!


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