14 days, only 14 days!

by Krzysztof Turowski

Yesterday, again showed how important healthy food is for us and how much we want to fight hate speech. Here’s what happened. Donald.pl has posted a photo of Gosia from Time2Hunt with a hunted wild boar and her description that the collective hunt season ended with a wild boar and wild boar sausages will not run out in the spring. Scroll down to the next part.

Of course, if you guessed it, it took a few minutes to let the Internet tellers what they think about hunting and how much we hunters should suffer for what we do. The post was also quoted by the “Poland in large doses”, and also there the crowd would most lacerate Gosia and every hunter.

A few hours after publication, “Poland in large doses” also added such a post:

“Beloved, we understand criticism. Understand also that all wishes of death will end in ban. “

Donald.pl also banned and only after few hours they banned 9 threats of death.

In the evening, TVN’s news appeared about what meat goes on the Poles’ table. It turns out that in some cases meat so beautifully placed in supermarkets should never be there, because it is dangerous for life. The journalist investigation revealed that a mass of sick and dead cows is sold for meat with a huge profit and if you believe the words of people appearing in this material there are a lot in Poland of places that specialize primarily or only in dead cattle and butchering them and delivering to the store shelves.

Cows that are not able to move themselves are called in the industry as lying meat and go to the slaughterhouse under the cover of the night without veterinary checks. Strange-looking cows that deviate significantly from normality. In the material, some of the pieces show an abscess in the meat and we can see how the employee cuts out the broken parts, because “the meat has to look good”. In the opinion of employees, such meat goes, for example, to a kebab, which I think is number one in Poland when it comes to fast food.

Not examined, not checked by the vet, the meat goes to the tables. In the slaughterhouse where this procedure was detected, there were even stamps of the vets which at night were illegally placed by the slaughterhouse’s employees. A big investigation has begun, and veterinarians are expected to appear in all slaughterhouses in Poland. I am afraid that now such controls will not be a great surprise, because everyone will expect them. Scroll down to the next part.

The material appeared on TV about how meat from dead and sick cows called ‘lying meat’ without any tests goes to store shelves and then to our tables. Beef, which should be disposed of, lands in the kebab, and then magically sold under the name of mutton. Apparently, there is literally a few percent of mutton and kebab is still very popular.

On the same day, I was also a witness to how someone wishes death only because he provided healthy and tasty meat for himself. How do I know that healthy? Because every hunted boar is examined and if any doubts arise as to his health, the carcass of such a boar is disposed of. We provide samples for tests because we care about eating healthy and tasty. Therefore, I prefer to ask Gosia for a wild boar sausage, and then return an invitation to a deer meal instead of a kebab from a sun lying meat. In the very fight against the hate speech that everyone is talking about right now I will believe only when these 9 people hear the prosecutor’s allegations, because for now such bans are just powders of reality and silent consent that it still is as it was. A small national uprising is not everything. After the tragic events in Gdańsk, the word “stop hate speech” appear. We persevered 14 days in this provision. After 14 days, someone heard to die because of the picture on Facebook. Unfortunately, as you can see, when we have to take the actual steps, we can only afford for a Facebook ban.

Happy hunting!

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