Together against eco-terrorism.

by Krzysztof Turowski

The situations of the last days have surprised me more and more. Wild boar is still on the first page and everything indicates that it will not change too soon. Many predicted that massive blocking of hunts awaits us all, and so it happens. It turns out, however, that there is a chance for joint efforts to stop this practice. More and more people are saying that they have a problem with the invasion of eco-terrorists and what’s interesting – these words are not just from the mouths of hunters. Scroll down to the next part

Who blocks hunting? These are people who do not know who the hunter is and what the hunting is. They often eat meat and wear leather footwear, belts or handbags, so it would seem that they should be aware of where all this comes from. Unfortunately, as we can see, it is not. They go out for so-called walks with the thought that they are saving nature. Unfortunately, those people forget that both farmers, residents of the village or even cities do not have to be satisfied with their actions, and these can significantly affect their pockets. Blockers are increasingly exposed to farmers’ anger.

We have a lot in common with farmers. We supervise their cultivation, we pay for damages done in crops by wild animals, we also have a common problem called ASF which threatens pig farms. Hunters doing hunting act in accordance with the government’s guidelines and carry out a specific plan to obtain animals. There is no lawlessness here. We report hunting, mark the area, follow the safety rules just to manage the population properly. Thanks to this, farmers can take care of the crop in peace, while meat, dairy products, vegetables, fruits and cereal products are later sent to store shelves at home and abroad. By reacting to the blocking of hunting we report the matter to the police, which, apart from writing down the data of such persons, can do little more. From our point of view, it is still a lot, because thanks to that we are able to claim our rights in court demanding compensation for unfinished plans, hunting damages or even the costs of organization of hunting. However, this is still not enough, because eco-terrorists feel unpunished.

This situation was decided by farmers in the poviats of Piotrków, Tomaszów and Opoczno. According to the portal, farmers from these regions have agreed with the Polish Hunting Association. It turns out that over the past weekends farmers helped in organizing the naganki, indicating places where they saw wild and securing the hunting area against the access of irresponsible people, or pseudo-ecologists. I am very happy that the portal itself used such a term. Scroll down to the next part.

Worth mentioning are the words of Mr. Janusz Terka from the poviat board of Solidarity, which I would like to quote: “For us pig producers, the reduction of the wild boar population is a matter of” to be or not to be ” our pig house.”

The second part of the statement is even more important:

“-The sabotage of hunting is extremely harmful and the impunity of so-called animal defenders are incomprehensible to us. The intentions of these pseudo-ecologists are not pure for us. Where were they when pigs were slaughtered in piggies in the Podlasie or Lubelskie region, including the sows that they now defend in the case of wild boar? If they really had the animal’s welfare in mind, they should help the services locate ASF dead wild board in the woods so that the virus does not pass over to other animals. But they did nothing until the issue of ASF became a political issue.”

This statement does not require any comment. It is so transparent that everyone should understand it without any problems and learn from it.

I wonder if farmers will also become an enemy of environmentalists. Probably soon this will happen because, as reported by the portal, the Podlasie Chamber of Agriculture sent an application to the Minister of the Environment “to take possible talks and actions on start removing the conservation on elk hunting” also say that ” is the optimal size of the population and where it creates a threat, i.e. in areas where its density is greater than 5 individuals per 1 ha of forest and swamp area “which in practice would mean hunting in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian, Mazovian, Pomeranian, Lublin, Podlasie and Warmia-Mazury regions.

I wonder if farmers will meet the same hate as hunters. I am glad that we are starting to act together. I wonder if pseudo ecologists will reach that, without hunters and farmers, shelves with food will be empty. I wonder what they will eat then.

Happy Hunting!

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