How human mindlessness connected sea and mountains

by Krzysztof Turowski

I am still amazed by the ignorance and lack of elementary knowledge among our society about how to behave in the case of wild animals.

It turns out that a few people can not distinguish what is fairy tale, fiction and what reality. A wild deer or wild boar becomes a cuddly and even gets its own name.
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As reported by a few days ago, on one of the trails in the Tatra mountains leading to the Morskie oko, a group of tourists encountered a deer. Deer in the forest is no wonder. What is strange, is the behavior of people who have converged to take pictures of him, stroke him, hug him and feed him. People recorded videos which landed later on the youtube. All happy, satisfied, one man even gave himself a lick. A a wonderful combination of man and nature… For the deer it was also nothing new, because, as you can see, he had no resistance to approach people and beg for food.

I wonder, however, how many people fed him earlier that this deer was not so much afraid of people who eagerly stayed among them. All this is responsible adults who are convinced that they are doing a favor to game meanwhile doing it a huge harm!

As reported by the strefa agro portal, some inhabitants of the city of Gdynia are harm game even more. The situation is so serious that the head of the citi crisis management and civil protection department asked the president and city council for permission to hunt wild boars in the Kolibki housing estate. Yes – we are talking about the shooting of wild boars in the city district due to the crisis situation and threat to human life and health.

Of course, officials tried to act in other ways for a long time, but local eco-terrorists and residents who were under their influence effectively hindered them by inventing more and more interesting methods.

At the very beginning, when the city was active, from which the wild boars were transported out of the city, the eco-terrorists undertook the actions of letting the wild boars out of the catchment and even devastating the catch-house and wiping it using some special repellent against wild boars. Some residents did not wish to catch wild boars and feed the urban hogs even naming them as a local attraction. The top of such behavior was even more than a hundred-kilo wildboar which some called “their Balbinka(Balbina is a name)”. It is possible that the boar, like a cat or dog, would soon appear on someone’s couch.

The problem became serious when the  ASF appeared and it was forbidden to move wild boars out of the city. What to do with the captured boars? There were two solutions – the slaughter of captured boars or the use of pharmacological agents. The idea of ​​shooting at wild boars in the catch-ups did not find (and rightly) acceptance among the hunters. We are not butchers, and a shot to the animal captured in this way is not ethical. City can not afford to kill animals with some special medicines and poisons. Hence the topic of the catchment has gone into oblivion, and the city has opted for a classical reduction which is hunting.
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Residents are afraid of boars. Wild boar devastates urban greenery and lawns. Damage is estimated at tens of thousands of zlotys. One of the residents was bitten by the wild boar, another woman  had to run away and 5 wild boars attacked her dog. Another woman was attacked when she was throwing out the trash and had to close herself in the garbage dumpster calling for help. Parents are afraid to let their children out onto the street and go out after dark.

I will repeat it once again – wild animals are not stuffed animals from a fairy tale. Let us stop acting as if they were people, do not give them human characteristics and do not feed them because we can hurt them and us.

Our food can harm wild animals. If you feed wild animals then these animals will appear in this area more often. The presence of wild animals near people threatens animals, you and other people in your area. Feeded animals can attract predators , which in the case of the aforementioned hiking trails in the mountains poses a huge threat to people. React if you see that someone is feeding wild animals in places that are not prepared for it. If you want to help wild animals, contact a hunter or a forester, not an organization that is called ecological only by the name.

By the way, it is worth asking the question directly – is it not the right time to ask pseudo-ecological organizations to take responsibility for the damage done in the areas of cities and in areas where hunters can not perform hunting?

Happy hunting!

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