“Put a barrel in yourself and fire it…”

by Krzysztof Turowski

“Put a barrel in yourself, and fire it, it will be funny, one idiot less”

“… Murdering from the hunting stand, with a scope, probably with a night vision device of helpless forest animals is not fanaticism? Teaching children that killing is ok is not fanaticism? Everything for perverse fun and sick ambition. You will not have it bigger after that. I repeat to every “hunter” – with bare hands on a bear, this is bravery and classy … “

That’s how I was commented by mr. E under the video I uploaded from the morning TVN24 nrws, in which the editor wanted to demonstrate his knowledge of biology and stated that the deer’s husband is a fallow-deer.

Mr. E as a typical online troll does not show his face, but he had a public photo of how he likes to eat an “unhealthy burger” in one of the popular fast food place.
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Does the fact of him eating meat surprise me? No. Practically every one of us eats meat, even if there are cases which do not eat meat, it is eaten by their relatives – parents, siblings, friends. I did not hear anyone attacking their friends or family for buying meat in the store. Because one thing is eating meat, and another thing is the awareness of where this meat comes from.

For those like Mr. E, the meat in the burger, restaurant or shop is ok. He smiles to the waitress, placing an order, or asking in a supermarket for a few slices of ham more which he, and his family will eat on the sandwich. Such a ham or burger is nothing bad, there is even an image of a smiling pig and a cow on a label or a truck that delivered meat to the store. Anyway, Mr. E did not use his hand to get meat. It just magically appeared in his burger just like lettuce or tomato. He paid for the whole with a payment card, so he knows that he did not act unethically. His conscience is clean because he is not depriving life. Everything is good, he can eat it.

I tried to explain to Mr. E that the reality is not as rosy as it seems, by providing a link to the article from the portal nowiny24.pl with a report about what the work in the slaughterhouse looks like and where does its meat come from. I will quote here only a fragment:

“Two men in oilcloth coats enter the box with pigs. Among the animals panic. The door to the ring opens. Men try to extract this one from the herd, chase her to the ring. Animals are running away. Now you can hear a choral, almost deafening squeak of fear and rage. This fun of tagging can not last long. Finally, one of the animals manages to drive to the ring – a room 2 to 3 meters, tiled. The door closes. In the ring unequal forces – their two and she one. And each of them has a role to play. She is to die, as quickly and without problems. Because it is a production plant, not a zoo. This is where efficiency counts, and productivity is time. “

The remaining text is quite brutal, just like what happens behind the closed door of the slaughterhouse. This is the place where death is around us.

Mr. E evidently did not understand what I wanted to tell him because he wrote “it makes you fun !!! You like it! You shoot wild boars in asylum !!! Will you go to the zoo or shelters? When ?”
“Animals today, then what?”

Mr E, a friend of animals, also added that he does not eat venison, which I personally think is a big mistake because only game will give us confidence that the meat we eat is ecological, and its production (because that’s what we should call farming) does not negatively affect the natural environment. It can not be said about the burger that Mr E. ate . The research of prof. Gidon Eshela from Bard College in New York shows that cow breeding for meat weighs 10 times more on the environment than any other livestock, also requires 28 times more area and 11 times more water than pork or poultry production. Where for the venison there is no such calculation, because this meat was created in a natural way.

Therefore, if we take into account what we already know, we are dealing with a man who accepts mass production of meat which not only has a negative impact on the environment, but also the fact that animals are transported in trucks to the slaughterhouse, where with panic in their eyes they get on the so-called ring to first get electrocuted, and then get a shot from the gun ‘between their eyes’. This is ok, it’s ethical, you can eat and eat meat.
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Going out to hunt, I choose places to hunt so that the game does not observe me, I masks my scent and my presence, I shoots shots from the post in such a way that death is immediate. After the shot I give time to the animals time to pass away, I do not come close to it, to be sure that in the last moments it will not see a man. After coming to such a game, I take off my hat, I am honoring game with twig, putting the last bite to the mouth, putting a twig on the place in which the bullet hit. I thank to the forest the fact that it gave me such a generous gift which is healthy, tasty and most importantly ecological meat. The whole game goes to my freezer and pantry. Nothing is wasted, it can not, because I do not hunt for fun. Cutlets, sausage, roast, mince, delicious soup on the bones, liver pate.

My meat does not have an expiry date, does not land in the trash, does not return to the producer. Mr E’s meat is not like mine. It is a commodity, a product that is always on the shop shelf, a cured meat that when it starts to break lands in a trash bin.

It is strange that it is Mr. E who calls me a sick sick madman, although of the two of us I know where my meat comes from and which way to beat my table. It turns game and nature respect by being ethical to it. Mr E as an animal’s friend calls me to kill animals with my bare hands, causing them pain, condemning me to torment and unnecessary sight of a man as it is done in a slaughterhouse.

Fortunately, I am a hunter. I know where the meat comes from which goes to my table. Unfortunately, it can not be said about Mr. E. He thinks that he cares about animals and saves them by fighting on facebook with people like me.

Happy Hunting!

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