by Krzysztof Turowski

If you take into account a statistical Pole, according to the 2015 PAP (Polish press agency) statistics, we eats 38 kilograms of pork and about 25 kilograms of poultry. We eat less beef – about 2kg per person, and if we compare it with the data from the 90s, it turns out that we once ate more of it -around 17kg per person.

According to PAP, the drop-in beef consumption is mainly due to the fact that in the past beef was used as an addition to cold meats and sausages. Today, beef is replaced by cheaper poultry of often dubious quality.
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We are carnivores – it’s a fact. Of course, in our society there are people who call themselves vegetarians or vegans, although this is really a very small part of society.

As for the food itself, a particular trend is noticeable – more and more often we care about eating the best quality and from the “Eco” category.

However, what causes the product to be environmentally friendly? If you take the meat under the microscope, the only eco food will be the venison. Why? Well, the way meat does not get our plate does not cause damage to the environment, which can’t be said about farms. Apart from any vitamins or nutritional values, the way of managing animals such as wild boar, deer, roe, duck or pheasant does not adversely affect the natural environment. In simple words, such an managing of free animals does not destroy or degrade nature.

As you probably know, I personally do not publish photos of hunted game. When I was starting my blog, I took a little different rule of showing and telling about hunting, not just about game shooting itself.

However, I have friends who from time to time post on their profiles a picture of hunted game. What happened under one of the photos on the Time2Hunt profile after Gosia’s publication of pictures with Deer has exceeded all acceptable standards.

I omit dozens of terms “Murderer”, because such words are spoken by people who have no idea what murder is and that murder is carried out on a man deliberately depriving him of his life. Talking about the hunter’s murderer is evidence of a lack of knowledge about what murder and hunting is. Well, the lack of knowledge happens to the best.

Nevertheless, the terms “Die wh*re” “Idiots murderer sadists and maybe we would shoot you like that”, “I would like to shoot this empty idiot” “Let her go to shoot” “It would be good to fu*k shot you, and the trophy in the form of a head hang over the composter ” “Put this barrel closer your throat and I will have THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MORNING REMEMBER TO POST PICTURE AS YOU LIE “,

In addition, a lot of people are saying to pick up a knife and beat a deer with a knife. Because this is the most ethical way to kill an animal – without unnecessary pain and suffering as opposed to a single accurate shot.

Interestingly, people who publish these comments have at home a dog or cat, which they feed on meat, insert photos from the restaurant with chicken or pork on plates.

There is even a gem – a man who writes “You should get yourself this bullet” which has pictures on your profile, how to prepare home sausages in a smokehouse.
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Something strange is happening with the education of our society. They closed pigs, cows and chickens in production plants. They eat meat from the market without knowing or not wanting to know how it hit the shelves and their plate. They buy too much of it, often wasting and throwing them to the rubbish without any respect for them. The meat is to be cheap and made in this way that other people can’t see it, as it turns from a live animal into a packet of meats. Meat has to go to the store with a happy piglet on a truck and a label, smoked in an old-style way like his grandfather did its years ago.

Such people are sitting in front of their monitors calling for murder by chewing on sausage, pizza with bacon or hand-smoked ham. I do not really know how many of them do it for fun, and how many, if it could kill another human being.

Strange is a world in which the artificial things created in China or India are called ecological,and are often made by children. It takes thousands of years to spread things, and for their work, people get a few dollars and a bowl of rice, living in poverty, with the huge degradation of the environment in the vicinity of such factories. Strange is a world where pork is eaten by someone who is by calling for murder on hunter only because hunter deliberately decides to eat healthy, and most importantly, organic meat.

Happy Hunting!

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