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by Krzysztof Turowski

I can’t imagine moving out from the village. Even though I lived in a big city during my studies and soon after, I can’t imagine that today I would return to a flat next to a busy street.

The city is much more attractive to the students because of pubs, bars, university, friends, cinema and everything within a few steps or tram stops.

Nevertheless, it was only after some time that I realized that what I really need is closeness to nature, fresh air, my own vegetable garden, a few fruit trees, peace and convenient road to work, or the possibility of working remotely.
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The village is primarily health at one’s fingertips. Eco eggs, honey, fruits, vegetables, milk and game (if you are a hunter). You really do not need a lot of work to get cream, butter or cottage cheese from raw milk. Zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes turn into puree or vines for winter. A surplus of fruit will find a place in jars for jam or in a demijohn, making home full of gurgling sound.

Moving to the countryside, I knew what rural life looks like. I come from the village, so I know very well what the breeding of cattle, pigs, field cultivation, harvest or pig slaughter is.

It is logical for me that manure is throwing to the fields. I also ask the local farmers for a wheelbarrow or two to plant my vegetable garden. I know that spring is the time of sowing, summer is a harvest time, autumn is time of plowing and harvesting of beets or corn. Only in the winter the villages are calmer. It seems to be because then the hunters have a lot of work.

This is how life in the countryside looks like. This is a year-round cycle in which people adjust to the prevailing weather conditions to get the best yields and it are no secret knowledge.

However, it turns out that fieldwork bothers someone. Who? Those who have just moved to the countryside from a big city.

In the past, it was fashionable to say, “maybe we should leave everything and go to the Bieszczady Mountains”. Today, the Bieszczady Mountains are out of fashion. Now a village near the big city is fashionable. In the countryside, it was supposed to be beautiful, nice and cozy, and it turns out that those terrible farmers drive their tractors back and forth with animals’ manure and everything with the sound of combine-harvester.

This is not the village they have been fight for! According to the portal, new rural residents do not understand the farmer’s specification. Here are some of the most interesting complaints that affect farmers:

“Farmers should harvest the grain when it rains, because then it does not get any dust”, “Corn drying must end before 22”, “Cows stink and make poo to which flies fly in, so you can’t open the window”, “why  does this farmer ride on the field with the tractor, since the corn will grow by itself. “

The National Council of Agricultural came up with the idea that new villagers who moved out of the cities would sign a declaration that they know the living conditions in the countryside and have knowledge about the specificity of agricultural production and thus will not make any claims against farmers. New residents would be given training in agriculture.
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The Lower Silesian Council of Agriculture has prepared even a few films under the name “Agriculture is a job, not a freak.” In one of the films even a statement appears “- The problem is with people who have come here. Quite often from the countryside they would like to do almost a national park “

In the article itself there is even an advice with a pinch of salt how a farmer can do his job and not go crazy by a neighbour townsperson. “If you raise pigs, invite your neighbour sometimes to a pig slaughter celebration and give him sausage or black pudding. You’ll see that pigs will smell less. “

But what if you hit a classic hunting opponent? The man who thinks the meat comes from the market? Will slaughter end with the arrival of the police and accusations of premeditated murder of a pig?

I do not know, I really do not know where a part of our society is going, but I know it is a very bad direction.

The whole article is perfectly summarized by one short but thorough commentary by Kasia: “If there is no village, there would be no food in the city.”

Happy Hunting

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