Who died and who died? The story of a car accident man and a bear.

by Krzysztof Turowski

Before you start reading this article, you must know that in Polish there are various words describing the death of an animal and the death of a man who is not used interchangeably. It can be said that an animal simply dies, and a man leaves this world as a being with a soul.

A terrible thing happened – on September 19 an accident took place near the Slovak town of Liptovaská Osada.

As reported by tatromaniak.pl:

“On the road running through the Low Tatras National Park, a car in the fog was ahead of the truck. At that time, a bear ran out of his mask. The vehicle hit the animal, lost its grip and hit an overtaken lorry. 

In this accident, a passenger in the back was killed, and the driver’s wife suffered serious injuries. Bear also did not survived.”
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Accidents happen very often from various reasons, and unfortunately, too often end tragically – death of human beeings. Death is associated with the mourning of the closest family, friends or colleagues. The further we are from such an event, the less emotionally involved we are. For many, information about accidents from the press is just another message, after reading which a moment of reflection appears, to go to our own affairs.

Nevertheless, as intelligent beings, we realize that a man died. A man who had family, friends or just orphaned children. We know because we are human, and we have probably experienced the death of loved ones.

All the more shocking is the direction in which a huge discussion followed, which happened on the tatromaniac’s Facebook. Its topic is not the death of a human who left behind a family but an animal.

Now the most important part – it’s not about road safety and accidents involving animals, but about the death of an animal! For commentators, the most important thing is that an animal dies like a human being and does not die like an animal (I am reffering to different words described in the beginning of this article). There is even more, in this tragedy, according to the commentators “I feel sorry for the bear”.

There is a lot of comments like “I feel sad about the bear”, “poor bear “, “Animal does not die but leaves this world” (in a human way), and comments like rest in peace dear bear.

How shortsighted human can be to see the tragedy of a man. How deprived of feelings you have to be to dwell on whether an animal dies or passes away loike a human.  How can you walk indifferently or even with contempt for the death of a man and the huge tragedy that affects his family.

It’s because of soy, tofu or curly kale? Besides, I do not believe that all those who comment on this approach to human life and translating animal life into human life are vegan.

How is it possible that most of the comments are about how sorry for them bear I am. A man died, the other one is in the hospital, but the most important thing is whether the animal dies or leves like human beeing?
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An animal dies (in the meaning of animal death) because it is an animal, the family does not cry, there is no funeral, there is no muriung, there is no wake. Other bears will not come to his grave, because another bear will not dig the grave.  Although not – the scavenger predators will come just to eat it. Bears will come too, because there are known cases of cannibalism in bears – even in our local Polish mountains.

We are going in a rather strange direction of disregard for human life. There are even those who can hug a dead deer and wish death to a hunter. It is not important that the hunter want to eat this deer, which makes the most sense. An animal has passed away, and the hunter is about to die like an animal.

Happy Hunting!

My condolences for the family of a man who died in a tragic accident.

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