Festival of flowers and vegetables in Skierniewice

by Krzysztof Turowski

Our hunter’s club have known about the last weekend’s events for a long time. The September 15th is very well known as a celebration of flowers and vegetables.

It is a nationwide, two-day event organized since 1977 by the city of Skierniewice in cooperation with the Institute of Horticulture which is located in the same city.
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The first celebrations were very local, but if you look at the time in which they were held, I can completelly understand this. However, since 1979 this is a nationwide event. I am very curious how it was possible to organize the nationwide events without internet, facebook or group events at that time. Based on the history of this evert, it is worth mentioning that in 2011, this event was visited by over 150,000 people. In the same year, the event was awarded with the Certificate of the Regional Tourist Organization of the Lodz Region as the “Best Tourist Product of the Lodz Region 2011”. I must admit that 150,000 people are impressed.

For many years, the celebration of this day begins with a ceremonial parade that passes through the streets of the city. The parade is huge and it is attended by farmers, orchards, beekeepers, children from schools and …. hunters.

By the way, it is an event where our presence was the most natural.

Together with my friends – Tomek and Michał we are a members of the Colour Gruard in our Hunter’s club. We met in the morning in our club to prepare a banner. Getting to the meeting place did not cause us any problems, however, we were worried about the weather – it was raining in the morning. Fortunately, Skierniewice welcomed us with the sun. We found our group without any problems due to uniforms and hunting dogs.

The parade itself was huge and extended over a large part of Skierniewice. Our group was run by hunting dogs – Bavarian hounds (Bavarian Mountaineer Sfora Eliza), Bracco Italiano (Cani Da Caccia Weroniki) and a Lajka.

I can honestly say that our march was very positive.  Viewers waved at us, smiling, children stroking dogs, and hunting uniforms meant that we could not remain unnoticed. At the moment when we arrived at the stage on the market, we were greeted with thunderous applause.

It was a very good start to the celebration of flowers and vegetables in Skierniewice.
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These days, such parades, promote hunting. I think it is worth being with the Colour Gruard both on the big ones – nationwide festivals and on the smaller local ones. Anyway, it is worth not only the Colour Gruard themselves, but also others. It was a great idea to take dogs that could steal the heart of many people along the route.

Days like this made me realize how many people look at us in a positive way. It is worth being where good things happen for hunting.

Greetings to all colleagues met along the route of the march!

Happy Hunting!

Pictures in the text by Damian Zajączkowsk. More pictures by Damian: here

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