How is it possible that man means less than a duck?

by Krzysztof Turowski

The best baked duck was prepared by my grandmother. I remember their taste to this day and no one is able to repeat it. No matter what quality will be the meat, or how it will be cooked. These are memories of the taste of my childhood. The ducks came from our small farm which at that time were almost everywhere on the countryside. Once, almost everyone had grandparents, or an uncle with a farm full of poultry, pigs or cows.
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Today, the village looks completely different. Of course, this is due to many factors. Meat is available at every step, and people treat it like a product the same as coffee, bread or tomatoes. Meat is a commodity that simply appears in hypermarkets. The packaging shows a happy chicken or a smiling piglet. Such packaging is a guarantee that the meat is tender, delicate and has an ideal appearance. The price is also important – it has to be as cheap as possible.

Once, every man in the city and in the countryside understood that to eat a roasted duck someone must grow it, someone must kill it, gut it and remove the feathers. If the family from the city came to the village on Saturday, they saw housewife, who had been removing the feathers from chicken or duck for a Sunday dinner. It was a normal view. No one was agitated, and no one imagined it to say any bad word to the person who was preparing a tasty meal.

Imagine that someone would take such a scene in the photograph. Let’s also imagine that today someone else would take the album and find a picture of it.

What comments could we expect? Anyone who was a child at that time would probably have a lot of memories of a holiday in the countryside, his own grandmother, the taste of home-made broth or roast duck. I will even say that it would be, after all, pleasant memories. Well, it is also possible, that grandparents could not be liked, but that’s another case.

Is it possible that negative comments would appear too? Probably yes. Maybe someone could accuse that such a photograph is unpalatable and that it should not be shown, but no one would wish people in photographs to die, suffer or torture. Of course, I’m talking about normal people

Today, it is different. The duck hunting season is associated with photos of hunted animals that go to the Internet.

I am shocked how many people can insult the author of such photos. However, it really scares me how many people can rustle another person’s life. There is a lot of comments saying, “I would kill you just like you killed that duck”, “die”, “if I had a gun, I would shoot you”.
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Both men and women, young and old, say this. More important for them is the life of a duck, which will be served to the Sunday table than the life of a man who will eat it. They do not protest in front of supermarkets, they do not block chicken farms, they do not threaten the cured meat manufacturer. They buy meat from the market themselves and praise its taste. But they want to kill the hunter.

They remember the flavors of childhood and love those who prepared their meals. Same time, they want to torture hunters.

These people operate in various foundations and often with the support of the press and the media proclaim their so-called mission.

They say straight out of love for animals that they can kill a human being. Few people also react to this hate speech. I wonder if the same people would like the death of their grandmother, if they knew that to prepare a roasted duck for dinner she had to kill duck first.

Happy Hunting.

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