The season for eco-terrorism has begun.

by Krzysztof Turowski

15th of August is a very much awaited day for many hunters. Do not wonder – this day in Poland is the beginning of the so-called feather season. We start hunting for ducks, coots and pigeons. From this day we are also followed by hunting opponents.

For some time, we have been observing how the opponents of hunting are bolder trying to make life of hunters more difficult. The season of driven hunt has not started yet, and the media are already reporting on the preparations of eco-terrorists who are also planning to block our birds hunt.
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The problem starts from the very beginning and consists in a lack of understanding of what hunting is. Our opponents misunderstand treating hunting as a sport. In their opinion, we shoot for fun and in their reflections do not admit to themselves that hunting is a planned management of animals in accordance with the needs of the national economy and the requirements of nature conservation.

They do not see that the hunter is not an athlete who goes out onto the pitch and shows how many animals he can hunt. They do not see that the hunter is like a farmer in the countryside, and the hunting unit is like a big open farm. The hunter takes care of the game, from time to time hunting to be able to eat tasty and healthy meat.

I remember how at the beginning of the year we mounted duck nesting baskets for ducks (video here). I said then that the nature will probably repay me for my concern for ducking and in August I will go hunting for ducks. I received a message saying that I was a hypocrite.

However, I see hypocrisy in a completely different behavior. I see it’s in people who have changed nature around them in a way that is comfortable for them. Today, the classic opponent of hunting lives in the city. He has a cat, dog or hamster. If the cat is a male, it is often neutered, otherwise it could be stink in the apartment. The dog leaves the house when his master usually has time for it – in the morning and in the evening. He spends the rest of his life in four flat walls. His master eats chicken or pork because he cannot see what their breeding looks like. Everything is ok as long it is not him who kills them and there is a packed piece of meat in the supermarket.

In the basement of the block or at its entrance there is always a poison for rats or mice. After all, the rat is ugly and can’t live with him under same roof. It is not a sweet roe deer on a field few kilometers from the city that has such beautiful and sweet eyes. It is out of town, so as long as animal does not bother him, everything is in place.

Such people call pigeons as a flying rat. It often deters from balconies, parks or stations, because they make it dirty, and it has to be clean in the city.

No mosquitoes are allowed in the parks or on allotments, because people are bitten. They itch the skin and make the evening’s life miserable. Therefore, systematically cities (with the consent of residents) organize a series of spraying against all flying insects. Park without mosquitoes is a much friendlier place, right?

Things will come worse as boars will get at the evening to the park. Then the situation gets serious, because you need to put a catchment. A wild boar is not in a good place if he is in the park – it’s a place for people, so get out from the city to the forest or farmer’s field. However, the fact that wild boars will graze on potatoes, beetroots, corn or wheat is not their problem. They will get food from e-store, so what’s the point? Besides, wild animals, as long as they stay away from the city, have the right to eat whatever they want and where they want right?
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However, there may be squirrels in the park, Squirrels are beautiful. Not same as a rat in the stairwell.  Terrorists enjoys the squirrel, so there will be a place for them in their world. It’s best if the squirrel can be tamed. Then squirrel can even get a name. A park squirrel with a name is something really wow. The name and a new owner who would like the squirrel to do exactly what he would like and when he would like. It is worse if the squirrel turns out to be a gray newcomer who will multiply too much and start to threaten the local population. Then it will be an extermination of a gray squirrel, which immediately ceases to be less beautiful, or at least not as beautiful as this red one.

When the cat stops peeing at home, the hamster runs around in a small cage, the rats are dead, the pigeons do not get balconies and stations dirty, there are no more mosquitos in the park and the wild boars have been transported far away from the city it’s a good time to pack the backpack and go save the world from hunters.

Those ugly hunters began to hunt ducks. It does not matter that as a hunter I mounted the duck nesting baskets for the ducks. It is not important that we run a hunting plans as part of the bigger organization and we will hunt only a few ducks, which we will then eat. It is important that somebody in the city does not like it and wants to set everything under their dictation. If it was successful in the city, it’s time to control the field and the forest.

I wish all hunters a successful and peaceful pen hunting season free from eco terrorism.

Happy Hunting.

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