Fox calling at summer stubble field.

by Krzysztof Turowski

I spent a lot of time in winter and spring taking care of small animals. I took good care of the pheasants that live in the old orchard near my home. I do not hide the fact that in return for this concern I count on a delicious broth in winter, as a farmer does in the countryside. I went out to them practically every few days to see the condition of the feeders and make up them as needed. If I spent so much time and work in winter and spring, it would be inappropriate not to care for them now when we have summer.

And do you know a better way to take care of pheasants in summer than to reduce predators? I don’t, and I’m going to tell you in a few words how I’m hunting for predators during summer.
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The harvest in my neighborhoods is a fact. Practically every day in the countryside you can see or hear working machines. A great cloud of dust informs that a combine harvester has just appeared at this place. If the weather is good, harvests begins at early hours and ends late at night.

I am lucky that I live practically in my hunting unit. Thanks to this I can see almost every day what is happening, and the harvest in summer is something that changes the landscape of fields in the blink of an eye.

Not only people, but also animals are benefit the harvest. Such a freshly cut field is a good feeder for foxes.

Many experienced hunters advise, go to harvested field. It’s a good place where fox often appears looking for easy prey, hoping that it will literally clean up what can sometimes fall under the wheels of a combine or tractor.

As always, fox is very cautious.

I go out before sunset, around 8PM. Unfortunately, I can’t use the hunting stands everywhere. Quite often, I choose places where my person can mask in with the surroundings and hide from the fox. Fence from the orchard, or straw bales at the edge of the field, a single tree, for now is a sensible idea.

Hunting, in accordance with best practicies, I start from waiting at least 15 to 20 minutes, so that the surroundings can calm down after my entrance.

I start with the mouse squeal, often trying to keep away from the swarm of mosquitoes. If the fox is close, it will appear within a few seconds. However, he is not eager to go out into the open field. It often freezes in between the fields. Therefore, after the first attempt to use the mouse and wait two or three minutes, I repeat the mouse squeal. If the fox is in field’s balt it often moves towards me with the second mouse squeal. If it does not appear, then I pull out a more powerful weapon, that is, a scream of a hare.
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After the first hare’s scream I wait about 10 or 15 minutes for the appearance of a fox. If the fox came for the hare, it often appears on a few meters away from me. If I can’t see him I repeat the lure with the mouse. However, if it does not, it usually means that it does not want to show himself. Then, after three or four minutes, I repeat with the mouse squeal. If fox is next to me, it will appear immediately and then the question is who will be cleverer. If fox does not appear, after the next fifteen minutes I repeat the whole procedure, then move at least 3 km further to start again. I give up about 11PM. This is the time when foxes will satisfy their first hunger and won’t be any willing to cooperate. I try not to call predators in the next few days in the same area, so as not to get the fox accustomed to the sound too much. Sometimes after 11PM I am still waiting for a boar.

I noticed that there are not many hunters in my areas who would call foxes to the hare scream. Thanks to that, foxes in my area on the sound of a hare appear almost always. Worse, if 10 people walking around the hunting unit calling every few minutes. Then the area would be too noisy, and we would have the opposite effect. It is worth talking with colleagues asking if they are fox calling too. I am not a master of calling yet, but so far, every fox calling in my hunting unit after a fox is one or two encountered foxes.

The worst thing is that I often notice a fox approaching when I do strange dance while chasing mosquitoes off. Unfortunately, this is how it happens that summer hunting is the time when we are both hunters and game. The mosquitoes do not give us any chance.

How are you hunting foxes in the summer? Do you stay in the evenings to call fox after hunting the roebuck? I think that it is worth spending an hour or twoin the summer to have a chance to warm up a delicious broth in winter.

Happy Hunting

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