Changes in the Statute.

by Krzysztof Turowski

A few days ago, information on consultations regarding the Statute appeared on the official Facebook profile of the Polish Hunting Association. Is this a chance to say your opinion or something completely different?

The statute of the Polish Hunting Association is one of the most important documents that each of us is concerned with.

Of course, as hunters, we operate based on a number of laws, regulations, minister’s ordinances. Some of them are connected and we do not have much influence on many of them. The only thing we can do is to keep our fingers crossed for the deputies or senators to approach the topic of Polish Hunting with reason and care and on what conditions we hunters protect nature.
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There is a law act at the very top. Let us assume that the act is our one leg. One leg is not enough for our Association to function effectively. For this you need a second leg called the Statute of the Polish Hunting Association. Having two legs in the form of a statute and act, we stand on our feet and we can regulate what is happening in our Association.

It is the statute that defines how our association functions within. It defines the tasks of the Associations, the rights and obligations of the members. Defines the organs of the hunter’s clubs and the functioning of the hunting clubs themselves. The statute touches practically every level with which hunters meet in Poland starting from the structures at the bottom – the Hunting Club Board, through District Delegates’ Congresses and the District Board, to those at the top, ie the Supreme Hunting Council and the Main Board.

It is thanks to the provisions in the statute that we know how to proceed in the event of accepting new candidates and what, by definition, is the loss of membership in the Polish Hunting Association.

It is thanks to the statute that we can meet at the general meeting and elect members of the Management Board or adopt a plan of activity and budget for the next year. The statute also allows us to settle the Management Board from the previous year and to adjust its composition, if so will the General Meeting.

A few days ago, when the Polish Hunting Association reminded about consultations, I was expecting that this information could only have a positive effect. In fact, I did not expect that a wave of hate would appear under this post. Some fellow hunters even write that the statute itself is certainly written by someone else and everything is really a crib for the show. In their opinion, what appeared on the site and facebook is to mislead us hunters and show a false concern about us, ordinary members.

In my opinion, it’s sad that we cannot even use it, and whatever happens we see only this bad side. I am surprised that we are not trying to take the chance to speak when we talk about something really important and important for each of us.

After all, we – ordinary hunters can have a real impact on how our Association can look. We hunters have a voice and we can speak. We cannot always do it ourselves – it is often done on our behalf by the delegates whom we hunters choose.

I think that we actually have the tools in our hands only for some reason it seems to us that we cannot use them. I do not believe that if there is a request, for a change that will come out of one and a thousand places, it will remain unnoticed. I’m not saying anything specific, of course.
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I wonder what would have happened to hear positive feedback. Is it that we are still circling over and over for evil and negative mantras?

Is it a complaint for the complaining itself, or on the contrary it is so bad that we have to spread our hands and cry?

For some time, I have been watching closely what polemic on the web looks like. A good example will be a letter about publishing photos with hunted animals.

Without the letter it was bad, because no one reacts in a way to what some of their colleagues do. A letter appeared, and it is even worse because censorship and incapacitation are coming back. Is not it sometimes that in this constant complaining and shouting how bad and bad is it, how can we actually express ourselves and influence the shape of hunting and association?

Happy Hunting!

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