Hit by car

by Krzysztof Turowski

I remember very well what dilemmas I had when one of the Instagram users wrote to me following message:

“Hi. I am writing to you about the raccoon. And more specifically, the raccoon female. I found it hit on the street and took it to help. It is undergoing treatment, but it turned out that it has milk, so somewhere they are small racoons… I was today in the place where I found it, I was looking for a few hours in the forest, but nothing came of it … Maybe you may know and tell, how to find the nest or how to call them? Best wishes”

I must admit that I have never wondered as long as this time to write a response.

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The problem with answering was due to the fact, that I remember how someone has posted a question about the cat’s neighbors on one of hunting group. Post says that the cat passionately brings small dead hares to the door. There were many different comments.

As a result, it turned out that it was a provocation, and the question was to catch the juiciest comments and publish them on pages that were unfavorable to us.

I expected a similar situation here. Something very anti-hunting. I replied, that finding young raccoons would be difficult due to the vegetation, the secretiveness of these animals and that things are practically impossible. I thanked for the care of nature and animals, and I suggested that the adult animal, after the treatment should go where it belongs -means to the forest. I also wished good luck in my search. It happened exactly on May 28 in Szczecin.

A few days ago, the Internet was again full of comments. Thankfully not because of my response, but the story of a roe buck that has been hit by a car. The situation took place just after my talk over Instagram, on May 31 at Giżycko. Mrs. Judyta, who is said to be “quite involved in the animals situation and very well knows the procedures”, received a phone call from her friend. Friend informed her about hitted animal. The lady went to the place, found the hitched roe buck, grabbed the phone and start calling to all kinds of services including police, veterinarian and Hunter’s club. After many phone calls and police arrivals, the lady had been informed that the dispatcher issued a license for the use of a firearm by a patrol probably due to the state of the animal. This facebook Post already has nearly 6,000 shares and over 1,800 comments mainly attacking the police or demanding the intervention of the press and television.

To the same post is attached a picture of a lying deer buck in quite a large spot of blood. The lady writes about the procedures, sometimes she even screams, the facebook’s crowd demands consequences for the officer who shot.

It is true, that there are procedures in some poviats. They are about informing the police, and an employee of the commune office, who forwards the matter to a veterinarian or hunter’s club.

Nevertheless, according to the Polish Act on the Protection of Animals – the superior document – we as humans, intelligent beings, have a duty to care for animals and not condemn them to unnecessary suffering. Sometimes the only way out is what the law calls the necessity of immediate killing.

The Act clearly says:

“In the case of necessity of immediate killing, in order to end the suffering of the animal, the need to kill it is confirmed by the veterinarian, member of the Polish Hunting Association, inspector of social organization whose statutory objective is animal protection, police officer, guard of the railway protection, municipal guard, Border Guard, employee of the Forest Service or National Park Service, guard of the National Hunting Guard, hunting guard or guard of the State Fisheries Guard. “

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Unfortunately, it turns out, that the lady who described the case and attacks the police does not know the rules as well as it seems. Sometimes it is our moral duty to shorten the suffering of an animal if it can only continue to live suffering and endure pain. These difficult decisions make us real ecologists, real friends of nature and animals.

Unfortunately, such decisions also require a cold approach to the current situation and shifting emotions aside.

And what about the raccoon? From the Instagram I see, that his condition was not so bad that he needed immediate killing. It was not fake, because as I noted, the lady put more photos with the racoon. I hope that he will soon recover and come to nature where he belongs.

Happy Hunting!

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