First Children’s Day

by Krzysztof Turowski

Since I became a father, my life has changed completely, and the Children’s Day gained a new meaning. From now on, my son receives presents. Despite the fact that the morning began with mandatory vaccination, at the end it was much better. My son got a great gift from the company WADERA – our Polish producer of forest clothes for children’s, and from us –  great talking plushie.

It is true that my son is small enough that he has little expectations. Gifts are still more happy for us. It is different for older children, and this day could be a very sad. Some of them probably expect that, on that day, parents would be persuaded to join the hunting together. But it is still impossible.

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Many of us are watching the direction of changes in Polish hunting law. We still can’t accept that our children cannot take part in family traditions passed down for generations. I feel sorry for those who must say and explain this to their teenage children. Children who probably have been going with their parents for a long time to the forest, and for some time they just can’t. For some reason, it is assumed that parents do not have their own minds and expose their children to views not intended for them. Many people do not allow themselves to think that you won’t shoot game when hunting. For kids, it is often the biggest dream – spend a moment hunting with your mum or dad.

In recent days, there was a hope, becouse a group of “PiS” deputies have submitted a draft amendment to the Hunting Law. Many people in hunting groups were full of ideas, and some even said that maybe it was a gift for a child’s day. Unfortunately, what could have been predicted, the changes concern only the method of hunting damage estimation. Farmers return to the previous way, when thy report damages directly to managers or leaseholders of hunting districts (hunters). As for the estimation process itself, its refers to the presence of the aggrieved farmer, hunter and representative of the provincial agricultural advisory center.

The line below reads that the absence of such a representative does not stop the assessment of damages.

I wonder if the government will vote this amendment.  Will anyone ever see such a representative in the field? Even without this entry for the presence of a village leader in the field was difficult. They rebelled and talked about it loudly, and even we hunters did not marvel at it. We looked at it with curiosity, wondering what would happen next. It did not take long to wait a long time, because after just three weeks, as the portal said:

Henryk Kowalczyk turned in a letter to the head of the hunting association with a” polite request “that hunters” conclude agreements with farmers through a settlement “on the basis of the Civil Code,” outside the procedure of claiming damages indicated in the Hunting Law Act.

It took three weeks equals twenty-one calendar days, equals fifteen business days to observe that these changes are not valid, and the village administrator or the municipality are estimating the damage in deep respect.

I wonder how it happens that those who do not want to appear in the fields and work for hunting are forced to attend the act, and the same law closes the path to hunting for those who simply cannot wait to go to the field means kids.

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Today, the village leader does often not have a farm, he is often not a farmer. He sees a cow or a pig in the form of minced meat or pork neck on the grill. It is funny, that a 16-year-old could work in a slaughterhouse and see with his own eyes how tens of cows or pigs are killed one day, which later become such minced meat. However, after returning home, he cannot go hunting with parents.

Maybe it’s worth it to commence to articulate some things like village leaders done. Do not expect that someone will do it for us. Let’s go beyond our closed social groups, forums or the hunting press. Let’s show the beauty of hunting and talk about what to change and why. I think we should move on, and each of us should think what good I can do for the promotion of hunting. Even if we do not want to do it for us, let’s do it for children who often dream of such hunting with parents.

Sometimes you do not need much to make your childhood dreams come true. Going out to the forest can be one of them. I hope that soon, the government will look at it and change this law too.

Happy Hunting!

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