The last plastic Barbecue

by Krzysztof Turowski

Another long weekend is coming. Some will go hunt for roebuck. Some will hunt for wild boar, because the moon beautifully shines over our heads, and fields still needs to be protected. There are those who will rest while fishing, and some will just put the weapon or fishing rods in the closet and just spend their free time with family and friends.

No matter where and how you spend – sooner or later everyone will appear at the barbecue party. Someone will ask for a drinking straw, one for a one-time plate and one-time cutlery. A cup for drinks is also useful. However, the European Union says STOP!

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It turns out, that the plans for the coming years are a total ban on the production and sale of cotton cosmetic sticks, disposable plates, straws, stirrers for beverages, one-time cutlery and balloon sticks. Plastic bags and bottles also on the black list. Everything above will have to replace by biodegradable items.

All this due to the large amount of 4 800 000 – 12 700 000 tons of plastic waste that each year get into the sea/ocean. Only in Poland 100,000 tons of rubbish are removed annually from forests. We’re just talking about removing, but there is much more of it. Anyway, every one of us hunters knows what I’m writing about, because everybody often saw trash in the forest. Even when recording my material about breeding baskets << here >> it was difficult to find a place without rubbish.

These changes have already been appreciated by some lady from the TV, which showed a toothbrush made of bamboo as a plastic replacement. Going this direction, we should be happy because such changes should mean a good change for hunting, forestry and natural products. I am not so sure.

Unfortunately. As much as bamboo and its production abroad is ok, our wood, fur and leather goods are no cool. They are not friendly for our pseudo ecologists.

They still say, that evil hunters are shooting at these poor animals, these evil foresters are cutting out our beautiful forests, bad breeders have farms with animals for fur, meat or skin. Of course, the same people tell us not to buy products from natural leather, but to replace them with artificial leather, because it is an ecological product.

The same applies to fur, because natural fur is not ecological.

Ecological ones are those artificial, because no animal has suffered in their production. And the fact that artificial furs use polyester nylon or acrylic for which they need huge amounts of energy, and heavy metals such as cobalt, sodium, bromide or titanium dioxide is absolutely irrelevant.

Polish fur producers and fur farmers are being attacked saying that these are not ecological. Only those artificial products are ecological but after a while it is said that plastic is bad for the nature, and the best is natural bamboo.

Unfortunately, society is under huge pressure. People believes in lies and is easily deceived by believing that natural things are simply bad.

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I look with horror in my eyes watching how our world is flooding with garbage. I try to live as much as possible in accordance with nature, taking care of it even in such moments as printing confirmation from card payments saying, “please do not print it”. I try not to use plastics having a reusable picnic set. I have leather goods in my store. When I send products to the customer, I use natural fillers and packaging, because I understand that this is real ecology.

A real ecologist does not offer artificial fur as a natural replacement, he does not criticize hunters, foresters, producers of leather or fur, because he knows that these things are ecological, friendly to nature and do not harm the environment.

I am glad that someone wants to take care of nature, and I hope, that he will do it well, and treat us – hunters as a partner and advisor.

Happy Hunting.

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